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Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays

For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year.  It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and the very names seldom mentioned for fear of irrevocably harming those not participating for whatever the reason.


Though not always cognizant of the epic spiritual and philosophical struggle taking place all around them, Americans can be a remarkably stubborn and independent lot.  As such, a number sympathetic to the process of communalization have realized that they might be more successful in accomplishing their goals through a subdued gradualism rather than through sudden revolutionary upheaval.


The first of the remembrances of the waning year subverted by manipulative social engineers is Thanksgiving.  This holiday is despised for a number of common liberal reasons.


For starters, it is argued that Thanksgiving is racist because of the hostilities that eventually erupted between Americans of European origins and the American Indians.  However, such criticism fails to recognize that, at the time of the first Thanksgiving Feast, these distinct groups were at accord with one another over the blessings shared amidst hardships and struggle.


Lessons In Apologetics #9: Theism

The next worldview examined by Geisler in "Christian Apologetics" is Theism.  Theism is the belief that a transcendent God created the universe as a reality distinct from Himself but which He actively sustains through both a system of natural law which He created and through divine intervention at the moments He deems such action appropriate for the accomplishment of His divine will.  It is Geisler's intention that, since the other worldviews thus far are contradictory and therefore false, Theism is the true worldview.

However, Geisler does not leave readers dangling by requiring them to embrace Theism simply for the lack of another viable alternative.  Instead, Geisler provides an argument more positive in its orientation incorporating analytical and evidential components.

The argument is stated as such: "(1) Some things undeniably exist. (2) My nonexistence is possible. (3) Whatever has the possibility not to exist is currently caused to exist by another. (4) There cannot be an infinite regress of current causes of existence. (5) Therefore, a first uncaused cause of my current existence exists. (6) This uncaused cause must be infinite, unchanging, all powerful, all knowing, and all perfect. (7) This infinitely perfect being is called "God". (8) Therefore, God exists. (9) This God who exists is identical to the God described in the Christian Scriptures. (10) Therefore, the God described in the Bible exists."

Shining The Light On Laser Pointer Penalties

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced plans to impose fines as high as $11,000 upon those caught shining laser pointers into airplane cockpits. 

Exposure to the beam emitted by such a device can result in temporary blindness, thus theoretically resulting in a major air catastrophe if a flight crew were unexpectedly incapacitated.

In a sense, such a regulation is all good and called for. 

However, one can't but help ask the question how the perpetrators of such malfeasance can be identified at such a distance.

One account categorized the proposed penalty as civil rather than criminal in nature.

As such, it should be pointed out that the threshold to impose such are often lower and occasionally do not afford those they are leveled against with the traditional procedural protections of the judicial system.

In light of the way certain regulations regarding drug possession are implemented, these enforcement operations could end up being as much about raising revenue and seizing desired property as it is about making the skies a friendlier place to fly.

For example, under certain instances of civil penalties and forfeiture, those ultimately cleared of any criminal wrong doing in regards to the drug offenses leveled against them do not necessarily have their property returned to them despite never having been convicted as a part of due process.

Does The DC Government Care If Terrorists Kill Christians?

A story posted at Yahoo News detailed the steps taken in Washington, DC to prepare for a retaliatory attack on the part of Al Qaeda over the death of Osama Bin Ladin. Among the measures included increased police protection of synagogues and mosques.

What about Christian churches?

Aren’t these structures as worthy of protection?

However, they were not mentioned in the article.

If not, shouldn’t the DC government admit that they are not as concerned about any Christians that die in an attack as they are Jews or Muslims?

Those that properly recall their history will remember that one of the things that turned Bin Ladin against the United States initially was the presence of “Crusaders” in lands deemed sacred and holy by devout Muslims such as Saudi Arabia.

“Crusaders” is a term some Muslims utilize when speaking of Christians in reference to the conflicts during the Middle Ages where Roman Catholic authorities attempted to liberate the Biblical Holy Lands from Islamic control.

As such, if you wanted to strike back at an enemy that you thought was attacking your religion wouldn’t the Washington National Cathedral or the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception --- prominent structures admired and beloved not only by native Washingtonians but by enthusiasts of religious art across the county --- be better targets?

A fundamental principle of American jurisprudence is equal protection under the law.

Ruminations Regarding Libya

Another brilliant move on the part of the Obama Administration.

Officials have let it slip that the CIA has operatives on the ground in Libya.

Shouldn't the proper response be when such a question is raised "neither confirm nor deny"?

Better yet, what is so wrong with outright prevarication in regards to such a matter? Some truths are not necessarily owed at the time they are initially raised.

Doesn't the discerning individual already realize that the great powers, by default, have operatives at work in nearly every other great nation around the globe?

In his speech to the American people, the President assured that the Libyan resistance could be trusted since the ranks of the movement consists of lawyers and doctors.

In other words, these people aren't the common street rabble employed as greeters at the Bengazi Walmart or Tripoli Target (the store that is, not the air strike coordinates).

Interesting how Obama applauds these desert nomads for clinging to their guns and their God but thinks it is somehow a threat to the Republic when the armed theists in question happen to be from Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Governor Places Communal Glory Over Individual Worth

In his comments regarding the cancellation of a football game, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell actually let slip the contempt he feels towards the citizens of the United States in general and the people of the Keystone State in particular.

In one remark especially, Rendell posited that the Chinese are to be extolled for the hypothetical situation that they would likely attend a scheduled athletic event despite dangerous weather conditions and march down to the arena on foot in the process.

While most of the hypertolerant zeroed in on what they perceived as the disparagement of the Chinese, that comment is actually quite revealing regarding Rendell's most deeply held social and political convictions.

For instead of being a mockery of China, Rendell's statement is the expression of a desire that our system become more like a totalitarian one.

Cancelling the game on account of foul weather is an acknowledgement of the principle that the individual possesses an inherent worth that certainly surpasses something like a football game that is not essential to maintain a function that could not be done without. 

In China, the value of an individual life is next to nothing whatsoever.  If a number of people die there, it is not seen as that big of a deal.

Lessons In Apologetics #6: Pantheism

If Deism is the belief that God is so transcendent from the cosmos He created that He no longer participates directly in it, Pantheism must be the worldview at the other end of the continuum believing that a higher power exists as Pantheism holds that God is so immanent with the universe that God and the universe are one.  As a worldview, Pantheism has plagued the religious thought of both the East and West from ancient times on up through our contemporary day.
Though there are various forms of Pantheism, most share a set of common characteristics.  Pantheists will agree that ultimately there is but one substance.

Parmenides hypothesized that there is either being or nonbeing and in order to exist there must be being. And if everything possesses this quality, everything is of the same substance as to differ by nothing would be not to exist at all.

Though everything is ultimately one under Pantheism, what we perceive as multiplicity or distinction are either manifestations or emanations of the absolute unity. 

In the "Enneads", the Greek mystic Plotinus said that from this impersonal unity flowed the various levels of reality starting with unity, then inward into mind, then the world soul, then multiple souls, then to the lowest level of matter.  It is man, Geisler writes in "Christian Apologetics" of this brand of Pantheism  as "the microcosm who possesses mind, soul, and matter" that the journey back to unity and oneness begins (175).     

Tweets Regarding The State Of The Union 2011

Too bad no member of Congress possessed the courage to blurt out "You lie", especially in light how everyone was suppose to make bipartisan goo-goo eyes at one another.

Obama says cutting stimulus is akin to taking the motor out of an airplane taking off.  But how can a jetliner even take off when the flue supply has already been burned up?

The camera panned the congressional gallery and showed the head of Xerox sitting in the crowd.  Guess they need her to help make all that money that really isn't there.

Obama praised education for beginning earlier in China than in the United States.  Guess the government should haul the child off as soon as the youngster emerges from the womb.  Perhaps Obama should elaborate to the nation what he thinks of those slave labor camps where children are snatched from their parents and beaten into being Olympic athletes and the like.

Does Obama realize that it's not government that sparks imagination?

Soviets did not beat America into space not so much because of the superiority of their technology or social system  but because we were concerned they would disapprove of us using a missile as a rocket.

If Obama believes in spreading the wealth around like he told Joe the Plumber, why should we bother being educated for the complex jobs he is promising?

If more students get college degrees through government subsidies that disrupt the market, the credentials will be useless in securing better employment and higher pay.

Legislators Too Good For Constitution's Reading Should Be Booted From Office

A number of leftist Democrats either boycotted the reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives or denigrated the ceremony.

These representatives should either resign or be removed from office.

For if they think that the very thing that authorizes them to hold office and wield authority is irrelevant, shameful or outdated propaganda, they certainly shouldn't be granted a hefty salary under a system that they have exhibited so much contempt for that they can't even grant the respect to to hear read aloud.

Americans would be shocked and outraged to learn of an athlete thinking themselves too good to be bothered with learning the basic rules of the game.

Then shouldn't we be even more so when it comes to those that actually assume that they have more of a right to run and order our lives than we do?

by Frederick Meekins

Sell Naming Rights To Tackle Overwhelming National Debt

It was stated on Fox News that each family's share of the national debt is approximately $45,000.

In the attempt to make the amount more manageable, perhaps naming rights could be sold to various government landmarks or agencies in a manner similar to the way corporations currently purchase the ones to athletic stadiums.

For example, the Lincoln Memorial could be renamed “the Lincoln Mercury Lincoln Memorial”.

Social Security checks and statements could have boldly emblazoned across them “Brought to you by Depends Undergarments” or the name of a prominent retirement community in a given area.

The Capitol Building could have a giant Pepsi logo painted on it for the right price.

Prominent national parks could be sold off or contracted out as Disney resorts provided the Magic Kingdom agreed to leave these land holdings in a state close to natural. Given the levels to which gas prices are expected to rise over the coming years, it’s not like anyone other than the elites are going to be able to travel to enjoy these treasures anyway.

Since it has been hinted at in occultic circles that the Washington Monument is actually a gigantic phallus, it could be renamed “Trojan’s Washington Monument”.

Of course in each of these cases, steps could be taken to ensure that corporate influence would be limited to advertising and image purposes only.

Still distasteful and undignified?

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