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Leftist Commemoration Undermines Resolve Against Terror

Yes.  Perhaps this is being posted a bit late.  However, the points are still valid.  If you are going to be that condescending, perhaps you should be reminded that you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time online obsessively reading columns and articles of those you snidely dismiss as less accomplished than yourself.

It is said that the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history.   Following the attack on 9/11, the nation's leaders as epitomized by the members of Congress joining on the steps of the Capitol in patriotic chorus vowed that they would be vigilant against the laxity of policy and perspective that left the door wide open allowing such a tragedy to transpire in the first place.  However, in the decade since then, little has changed in the hearts of many that would prevent an occurrence of similar or greater magnitude from happening again in the future.

Under the auspices of the National Cathedral, an interfaith memorial was to be held in Washington, DC.  Since the President and a number of representatives from a variety of religious perspectives were scheduled to speak at the service, the event was billed as and assumed to be one promoting an inclusive brand of diversity and spirituality.

It is estimated that nearly 20% hold to a theology or worldview classifiable as Evangelical in nature.  Critics might respond that is only a small percentage of the population and as such the perspective should not be catered to with a proverbial seat on the dais.

Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?

For obvious and justifiable reasons, a number of Evangelical leaders often cast a suspicious gaze at Mormon figures in American public life. After all, though the two systems of belief share a similar vocabulary at certain points and often both hold to traditionalist assumptions regarding social morality, these perspectives differ considerably regarding the nature of God as well as the origins and destiny of man.

However, the least that the orthodox Christian commenting on public affairs ought to do is to try and maintain some kind of consistent policy towards those advocating what could be considered a doctrinally questionable religious viewpoint. It seems that instead of basing such characterizations solely upon the beliefs such voices claim must take precedence above all other considerations, such analysis is often skewered in favor of those most likely to ensure that the particular pundit in question can retain a position as the water carrier of the entrenched political establishment.

For example, in his 9/16/11 commentary transcript, Cal Thomas mentions Rick Perry presenting his testimony before an audience at Liberty University. Thomas closes his brief analysis by concluding Perry's testimony isn't all that important beyond its existential value as it is more important how one's faith works itself out in a President's policies. Thomas astutely observers that believers have had the wool pulled over our eyes numerous times in terms of politicians saying one thing and doing another.

Those Denying Resurrection Keep Religious Language To Spread Deception


In the 9/20/11 issues of Sojourners magazine is an advertisement for the 2012 Gladdening Light Symposium featuring Jesus Seminar scholar John Dominic Crossan.  Part of the ad copy reads, "Feed the soul, savor the beauty, and experience the communion love of Agape in the Gladdening Light of God."


However, if Crossan is being heralded as what in show business and prize fights circles is called the main event, those in attendance will have very little to ultimately be glad about.  Given the name of the symposium, the event frankly borders on false advertising.

Anyone that has subscribed to the History Channel or A&E before both networks went nearly all alien autopsy and rummage sales has no doubt seen Crossan.  He is a talking head that use to get dragged out around Christmas and Easter time for those specials that posture as giving viewers the latest dirt on the events of the Bible being bantered about in the halls of respectable academia.

However, seldom do these programs confirm the accuracy of the Biblical accounts.  Rather, the intended purpose is often to heap as much skepticism upon these narratives as possible.

Crossan’s ticket to never picking up a bar tab (or in this case midwinter accommodations in sunny Florida) is that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead.  Instead, Crossan believes Christ’s body was instead most likely eaten by dogs.

Stream Of Consciousness Observations Regarding The 2012 State Of The Union

Obama insists he doesn't want our energy needs linked to unstable parts of the world.  Then why did he veto the Keystone Oil Pipeline?

Obama remarked his grandparents' generation triumphed over fascism.  Yet fascism is the very economic system that he advocates.  Perhaps not yet in terms of wide scale deprivation of human rights but rather in the technical sense of the means of production remaining privately owned but strictly controlled by the government.

If we are all to play by the same set of rules, then why has it taken months for the National Park Service to do anything about the Occupy beatniks laying siege to a number of parks in Washington, DC?

Why should it be portrayed as a greater tragedy when a "single mother" loses her job rather than a man with a wife that stays at home?  Seems both domestic arrangements are in similar positions without income.

In calling for a single source for the unemployed to seek information on training opportunities, doesn't that involve the federal government assuming more control over education?

Obama insists it should be illegal for students to drop out of school before they are 18.  Why should this be a matter of federal interference and what will the punishment be for those leaving prior to that age?

If no country is better than any other according to multiculturalist dogma, then why should foreign students be allowed to remain here after graduation?

Christmas Irritants Pervasive

Use to be during the Christmas season in modern America, if the individual wanted a little buzz during the holidays, they would slip a bit of something into their eggnog. Now, all you have to do to feel that surge of agitated surliness is to turn on the news or read about those turning themselves into the hind quarters of the species the Holy Family rode into Bethlehem in order to pay the assessed tax (an existential financial matter it seems fewer and fewer could possibly relate to).

If you think it is only secularists making an overall nuisance of themselves, you are in for a bigger disappointment than finding a lump of coal in your stocking Christmas morning.

For better or worse, the Internet is widespread enough that most are aware that there is nothing in the Bible compelling believers to participate in the celebration of the birth of Christ even though His miraculous arrival is documented in the pages of Scripture and that many of the trappings such as decorations and related customs now imbedded with meanings symbolizing the spiritually profound account have (to invoke a word of sectarian irony) less than kosher origins.

However, for the most part, Christians on either side of the divide have established a kind of amicable truce where for the most part about the worst that they do to their counterparts is to look down their noses at one another and snicker how peculiar or inconsistent the ones on the side of the debate opposite their own happen to be.

The Old Retcon Bait & Switch

A number of the ultrapious are attempting to promote the notion that if there are no godly candidates running in an election, then the true believer should perhaps refrain from voting all together.  

What we have here is a derivative of the old bait and switch tactic.  

Both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum are both deeply motivated by their respective Christian faiths.   

However, in numerous Facebook status updates posted by proponents of this perspective, it is constantly reiterated that neither of these candidates is good enough.  

Those advocating such a position are not being fully open about their true position.  

According to this form of Christian Reconstructionism, if a candidate disagrees on so much as a single issue not even directly related to issues of soteriology or Christology, you are not only forbidden from electing them to elected office but are also to toss them into outer darkness as one would any other unbeliever.

By Frederick Meekins



DC Grants Rats More Rights Than Unborn Children

A law has been enacted by the DC city council not only requiring that must most forms of rodentine vermin be captured for rerelease, but that they must also be relocated as family units.

These creatures are not a pod of whales, a herd of elephants, or a troop of gorillas.

Given that they will even eat their young and produce another liter a few months or weeks later, I doubt they form deep meaningful bonds with their offspring.

The same fanatics that don't want rats harmed by human hands are the same ones that decimate feral cat colonies that would otherwise keep these pests in check.

It's not like rats are on the verge of going extinct in the nation's Capitol (and given the nature of the city it's doubtful that they ever will).

According to one DC health official from Pakistan, the rat problem at Occupy movement shantytowns exceed those in Third World refuge camps.

Some will snap that the law applies only to pest control officials.

But for how long?

Often as in regards to other expansive laws, eventually this dictatorial regulation will be expanded to homeowners trying to handle these vermin themselves.

And speaking of plagues and such, it wouldn't surprise me if such laws were being enacted as a way to allow some kind of new strain of the plague to develop with the hopes of systematically eliminating vast swaths of the human population.

by Frederick Meekins



Christmas Billboards Point In The Culture War's Direction

Christmas is the time of year when the thoughts of most Americans grow to be at their most devout. It is increasingly the time of year that the avowed despisers of the Almighty are at their most disrespectful.

Before now, the most culturally embarrassing thing to come out of the wastelands of the Garden State was likely Snooki and her Jersey Shore compatriots. However, it now seems even their debauched escapades have been surpassed in terms of deliberately thumbing one’s nose at God.

For decades, one municipality there has draped across a main street a banner reading that horrible bit of wordplay “Keep Christ In Christmas”. As has become customary, leftist subversives have stepped forward insisting that the banner be taken down to placate one or two discombobulated by the message.

Those holding to this position contend that the feelings of a handful must be upheld at all costs for the sake of social cohesion. So if it cannot be urged to keep Christ in Christmas, are these diversitymongers going to be consistent and call for the decoupling of “Black” from “History Month”? That commemoration is even more divisive and controversial, but most Whites are too afraid to speak up as to what they really think of it.

Zany Might Be An Improvement

Romney insists in regards to Gingrich that "zany is not what we need in a President".

By that, one must assume Romney considers as "zany" a willingness to at least consider approaches to issues outside of the box and observing where our time fits with the overall flow of history.

To Romney, it seems how things are going now are, to use vocabulary fitting with his own patterns of speech, "just peachy".

But one supposes there really isn't anyway of ascertaining such since Romney also informed us that we really didn't need an historian either.

And just think, he could have likely gotten by with it if it weren't for those pesky kids.

Thought I would toss that in if candidates are going to start sounding like they are doing voiceovers for Scooby-do episodes from the mid 70's.

by Frederick Meekins

New Yorker Cartoon Exposes Bias & Not Historical Realities

It has been observed that often a picture is worth a thousand words. By this, it is meant that often a witty image can more quickly convey an idea than a written exposition.

Another truism nearly as classic insists that the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything from history.

A prime example of these working in tandem could be found on the cover of a late 2011 edition of the New Yorker Magazine. Depicted violating the U.S. southern border were migrants adorned not in sombreros but rather in what would be considered traditional Thanksgiving pilgrim garb.

Such doodling, though admittedly humorous, displays a number of questionable assumptions.

For starters, the cartoon assumes that the illegal aliens of today are the equivalent of the Pilgrim settlers.

In addressing this issue, emphasis must be placed upon ILLEGAL.

The migrants coming here today are doing so in violation of the agreed upon governing authorities of the territorial United States.

The English Separatists voyaging here aboard the Mayflower committed no such transgression. In fact, the pioneers making that trek were so eager to see law and order established that among their first acts was to promulgate the Mayflower Compact. They are not to blame if the Indians did not have an as developed sense of property as we have in our own Western tradition or that there was not as much of a need to enforce borders back then as there is today.

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