I think it's only fair that a blogger's first post should give people some idea of where he's coming from. So, hopefully, this will do that.

My emphasis on this humble blog will be that all things are fundamentally spiritual acts, and so it is a natural thing for one's belief and morality to proceed into the public marketplace alongside all sorts of ideas. The Nicene Creed tells us that the creation is made up of things "visible and invisible." There's no big wall between what we ordinarily think of as the "natural" and the "supernatural," they're just two sides of the same coin. It is right and proper that our spirituality should flow into our "practical" activities, because, for a  Christian, there is nothing more practical than to follow Christ.

So, the next time someone tries to tell you, as one unfortunate man once told me, that "Jesus has  nothing to do with politics,": feel free to ignore him--and compelled to pray for him. There is no place where Jesus is irrelevant, and no circumstance under which acting from a Christian conscience is inappropriate.

In fact, acting from a Christian conscience is not only appropriate, it is vital. God wrote the "Owner's manual" for the creation, which is presently deteriorating at an impressive rate because so many Christians are not acting from a Christian conscience. We behave, in large part, just like the world does: voting for candidates who supporet the slaughhter of babies, because "we like" them on "other issues;" divorcing, adultering, coveting and holding grudges. Our kids read Harry Potter and get fat playing video games that portray physical activity (some of it pretty grisly), because "their friends," and not God, have decided for us how we are going to rear them. In the meantime, we're fooling around with some woman who is  not our wife (or some man who is  not our husband), living in sin just as enthusiastically as any pagan, while we sing Psalms on Sunday.

While the world falls apart.

What we do--not what we say--indicates what we believe. We must let the Holy Spirit flow from us, so that we act in ways that are "natural" for us, without being bamboozled into thinking we must do otherwise. For, once the Church's salt has lost its savor, or too many of its members spemnd too mush of their time hiding from the Truth under bushel baskets, the darkness will prevail and the world will be lost.

So, let's staty strong.

Blessings for a glorious Easter Season!

Fr. Jim +




I could have not said it better myself. I wonder how many of us are left in this once great nation.

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