Federal Court to rule on free speech rights for Christian students

As strange as it seems, we need a federal court to clarify the free speech rights of students when it comes to their religious beliefs. Check this out:

A future ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is expected to clarify the extent of free speech available to public students in the Boyd County (Kentucky) School District after students were instructed to withhold Christian viewpoints on homosexuality.

The instruction came in the form of a video that was part of school curriculum designed to teach students about "sexual diversity training." Boyd District's diversity training requirement began as a result of a settlement of a lawsuit filed by a high school Gay-Straight Alliance club against the district and did not include an opt-out provision on moral or religious grounds.

Something tells me that the people who wrote and ratified our Constitution well over two hundred years ago would not have believed that what they were putting in place woudl in any way be a constraint on the expression of religious viewpoints. The only trouble with that however, is that it's almost always a gamble as to whether or not the federal judges in question understand that.

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