Fanaticism of abortion supporters is boundless

Even though a large majority of physicians and other hospital workers in America want conscience protection rules and regulations allowing them to refuse to do abortions or refer for abortions, a fanatical segment of the abortion industry and their political supporters continue to try to force doctors and others into doing this heinous procedure which has resulted in the deaths of some 50 million innocent unborn children since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Thankfully, the Bush Administration  --  in one of its final acts  --  has issued a federal rule which protects doctors and medical facilities from being pressured by hospital administrators, etc. from participating in abortions.  The Bush Administration regulation will enforce federal law which protects the conscience rights of doctors and other medical professionals. 

Yet, abortion fanatics and zealots such as Connecticut's Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, are doing everything in their power to overturn the new federal rule or at least negate its effects.  These zealots actually want Barack Obama's Health and Human Service Department's officials to abandon the Provider Conscience Regulation which takes effect on the day Obama is sworn in as president, January 20th.   

However, a new survey  --  conducted by a group called HCD Research regarding President Bush's new conscience protection regulation  --  of physicians around the United States says that half of America's physicians support such pro-life regulations while 33 percent of doctors oppose the new rule.    A majority of those physicians surveyed by the HCD poll agree that "government should be involved in protecting health workers who refuse to participate in care they find ethically, morally or religiously objectionable."  Additionally, a majority of America's doctors agreed that "doctors and hospitals have the right to refuse to perform any procedure that is inconsistent with their personal beliefs."

In a related issue, the Illinois State Supreme Court has granted Illinois pharamacists legal permission to challenge the executive order of the scandal-ridden Democrat Governor, Rod Blagojevich, which forces them to dispense "emergency contraception" against their wills. The pharmacists had sued because the order violated their religious beliefs against selling certain abortifacients like the "morning-after pill."

It is time for the zealots in the abortion industry and the pro-abortion politicians who support this deadly business to back off and to allow America's doctors and other medical professionals to be guided by their consciences in refusing to participate in abortions and in the case of pharmacists to practice according to their religious and moral beliefs. 

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