Fairness Doctrine by another method

Acting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, and former Democrat appointee to the commission, Michael Copps -- who has, in the past, been supportive of tough broadcaster fines for violation of indecency laws -- recently came out and stated that the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is long gone and "it's not coming back".

As columnist Brent Bozell has pointed out to the acting FCC chairman and the other members of the FCC in the past, there are some very prominent power-brokers in Washington D.C. who have actually called for the return of this unconstitutional, anti-First Amendment policy.  These include the Speaker of the House of Representatives - Nancy Pelosi, the House Majority Leader - Steny Hoyer, former President - Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Leader - Harry Reid, and a host of other left-wing Democrats.   

Of course, these Democrat leaders are egged on by their comrades in the "Old Media" who have hated losing their monopoly on what is news or not, such as the "New York Times" with its slogan "All the News Which is Fit to Print."  Before the Internet and weblogs, extremely popular conservative talk radio challenged their monopolistic status in providing news to the American people.  Virtually every liberal talk show host has failed in this country because Americans can always listen to CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN if they want news with a left-wing slant.  Hence the push by liberals for the "Fairness Doctrine."   

On Sean Hannity's show tonight on which he had as his guest, Rush Limbaugh  --  who, with Mr. Hannity, are the two most popular radio talk show hosts in America with millions of listeners each day  --  they discussed an alternative method by which liberals can achieve what they would if they reinstalled the "Fairness Doctrine."   Mr. Limbaugh told of decreasing advertising dollars even for radio broadcast corporations during this recession.   

Considering the fact that Barack Obama controls many of America's banks  --  as he controls two of the three major American car corporations and other corporations  --  Rush Limbaugh told Sean Hannity that banks could suddenly refuse to finance radio broadcasting companies forcing policy changes such as more fairness on the radio stations.   

If radio stations were forced to install as many liberal talk show hosts as they have conservative talk show hosts on the air, they undoubtedly would pull all talk shows from the airwaves since the former hosts have had very little success in attracting an audience.  Thus, major competition to the Democrats' allies at CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN in providing news would be eliminated.   

It is interesting to note that besides trying to eliminate conservative talk radio, one way or the other, the Democrats in Congress are also bound and determined to pass all kinds of legislation which increases their hold on power in Washington D.C.  For example, there is a major push to allow felons to vote from jails; to increase funding for groups such as ACORN which has numerous indictments and convictions for voter fraud; to increase union membership by getting rid of secret ballots, and numerous other political schemes to keep themselves in power for decades to come.   

Brent Bozell is encouraging Americans to call their Members of Congress to demand an up or down vote on the Broadcaster Freeom Act (BFA,) which will prevent the FCC from reinstating the "Fairness Doctrine."  Thus far, Nancy Pelosi has not allowed such a vote in the House of Representatives.  Americans need to fight back against the left's power grab in America and abolishing the "Fairness Doctrine" once and for all will be a good beginning. 


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