Is Europe’s Blatant Discrimination Against Christians Coming to America?

The news that the government of Great Britain is mounting a full-scale assault on Christians is not really surprising.  The left-wing in England, like their counterparts on the European continent, have long discriminated against Christians, while at the same time, in myriad ways, protected those of Muslim faith.  For much of his 3 years in office, Barack Obama and his administration have been mirroring Europe’s blatant discrimination against Christians.

The latest example of the rabid discrimination by Prime Minister David Cameron’s government in Great Britain against Christians came from a news report from the United Kingdom’s national newspaper, “The Daily Mail”.  According to the newspaper, the UK’s Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat, has instructed government’s lawyers to stop Christian workers from wearing the cross.  The Cameron government will call on Europe’s “human rights” judges to dismiss the claims of Christian workers Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin that they have a right to wear a cross to work as a symbol of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Prime Minister Cameron’s coalition government is already in some political trouble with the Catholic (and Anglican) Church because of his government’s support for homosexual “marriages.”  The Cameron government’s newest offense against Christianity is yet another example of widespread and rapidly-growing European persecution against Christians.

European-style discrimination against Christianity has come to America during the Obama years with a fury.  Rush Limbaugh’s brother, David Limbaugh, published a book in 2004 entitled Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity.  Limbaugh had no idea 8 years ago how much exponentially worse it could be under a president named Barack Obama.

Obama betrayed the Catholic Church and pro-life Christians in America when he promised, before passage of his socialized medicine plan, ObamaCare, that it would not include taxpayer-funded abortions.  Indeed, the Democrat leader of the small contingent of pro-life Democrats in Congress believed Obama and voted for ObamaCare providing the winning vote.  Of course, Obama deceived all of them, and the pro-life Democrat leader was driven from office as a result of his vote.

Two years later, Obama launched one of the greatest assaults of his presidency on religious liberty and the First Amendment rights of Christians and other people of conscience, when he recently announced that all religious institutions would have to provide contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and all sorts of objectionable products and services to people of faith.  Yet, even with the firestorm of protest which followed his decision, Obama has not backed down.

Each of the Republican presidential candidates need to make the issue of discrimination against people of faith by the Obama administration a top priority in their presidential campaigns.   The American people will expect this and will make their voting decisions based on what they see the candidates do this year.