Electrician Quits Repairs On Nebraska Abortion Clinic In Response To Calls

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Now there are those who will argue that a person, a doctor or pharmacist. can not refuse services to somebody who wants to kill an unborn child (an abortion). Often they use arguments to attempt to bring the person to talk about how he feels, not the issue, followed by an ad hominem of calling him a hypocrite.. This is much like asking Obama if he believes that POW are a burden on an army and calling him a hypocrite.

Arguments against allowing a person to have and use his conscience often go to the point of he should not be in that line of employment. That the requirement of being a doctor is the same as a soldier - do as you are told, kill when you are told - or should I say farther than a soldier who can justify is work because he is not killing an innocent life. He is killing somebody who is trying to kill him, Killing a child is like gassing POWs.

This article brings up another issue, apart from a doctor being required to murder (be it a state execution or a private citizen who does not want a child) all of us provide services to other people. Are we required to provide services even if we know or believe that such services are ultimately harmful or even cause death because the service we provide is not a crime? Would this also ably to a Gun Shop and a person who is allowed to have a gun but the owner is aware that he intends to use the gun to do harm?

Excerpt details from Operation Rescue on the electrician.

    Bellevue, NE – An electrician made the decision yesterday to cancel his contract for work on a fire-damaged abortion clinic after pro-lifers called and explained to the vendor that his work was enabling abortions.

    At first, the electrician told callers that he was not working in the abortion clinic, but was working only in the basement. However, once he learned that the basement was part of the abortion clinic where records and supplies were kept, he halted work.

    “He said he considered himself a good Catholic and didn’t want to be an accessory to an abortion clinic,” said Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland, and Truth Truck driver for Operation Rescue.

    The clinic is one that belongs to the infamous partial-birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart. It was damaged by an accidental fire last month, most likely due to Carhart’s own lack of maintenance on the run-down building in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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