Donald Trump is right: Fox News should fire Bob Beckel

Left-winger Bob Beckel  --  whose life was recently saved by his fellow "Fox Five" co-host, Eric Bolling (a Rick Perry supporter) when Beckel was choking in a Manhattan restaurant  --  should be fired as Donald Trump is urging Fox News to do.  The very day that Beckel mentioned the story of Trump urging Fox News to fire him to his fellow co-hosts, Beckel said the a-hole word.  Then to round out his day, on Sean Hannity's "Great, Great, Great American Panel," Beckel used the b.s. word.  The guy just does not know where to stop.
On July 21, Beckel was caught saying the "F-word" on the live "Fox Five" show.  When the next commercial was over, he offered a typical liberal weasel excuse:  "The producer tells me that I swore in the last session.  I didn't  - well sort of did."  Then on September 8th, he used the s-word blasting his conservative co-hosts because they were advocating tax cuts, "You gotta be so full of s**t."
Because the Fox News Channel supposedly leans right, Beckel has his knickers in a twist and is not afraid to show it.  Like most liberals, he is a whiner.  He whines about the fact that he is outnumbered by conservatives.  On the other hand, these "conservatives" often agree with him.  Beckel whines about his time controlling the debate on a particular topic saying his topics are almost always placed towards the end of the show.  Yet, yesterday, Beckel led the debate on a topic at 5:13 p.m., close to the top of the hour.
When Beckel does not like a subject which is often  --  such as the corruption of the Obama administration with regards to the Solyndra scandal and Obama's crony socialism  --  he pouts and folds his arms across his chest and refuses to participate in the debate.  Beckel has never grown out of adolesence.  Donald Trump is absolutely right.  Roger Ailes should have fired Beckel long ago.