Does God give us the “right” to keep and bear arms?

I received a email today, God Vs. Guns...below is my statement to the posting, in support of Constitutional Gun Rights.
By all means, and this is why...?
 The Constitution was written by men of faith in God, it was done because of a in-site by these men and a war fought against England, That Man must be able to protect them-self even against their own Government....I did not create the foundation of this in-site, it as done in order to protect your self, and the ones you love.
 It is said that there will be a time where the Church and people of faith in God will be Assimilated., to take a mark of  country over God, and thus the foundation of God and Country will be broken. There will be War Lords who will step forward to protect Christians, and this will be done by the Guns that this posting so Cleverly Twisted.
 Now as it is, where are the faith in men when it comes to Pharmaceutical Narcotics, most of you just blog, and still you watch children die and become slaves to dope, where is your since of God's Well, in the aspect of a rightest fight in a Gun Control Issue, and no Drug Testing to Buy a Gun.
 You all go ask God is there a Evil Bound to Heroin...? it is said this plaint was cursed by the word of God...2000 years before Christ....
Now for the posting and link back...
 Posted by Jake Baker - January 22, 2013
Today, someone on Twitter asked the question, "Where does God give you the right to have a gun?"
First, let me begin by defining government.  According to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the American government is tri-partied.  It consists of We The People, the States, and the Federal Government (not national which implies power over the people instead of a federal government, which is assigned certain tasks to complete on our behalf).