Documented Proof of Barack Obama's Real Agenda

I have spent many hours researching Barack Obama's real agenda and the facts speak for themselves.

 You can see the whole report on my website:

Among them are 5 major documented lies that prove that Obama is deceiving the public about his real agenda, who he really is, and what he really stands for.

Barack Obama signed a pledge in 1996 with the socialist "New Party" in Chicago to gain their support. It can be viewed at my website. In the pledge Barack Obama promised to:

1. Work with other socialists on their common goals. That is the thrust behind his economic plans. He is blaming the current economic crisis on the Bush administration and the Republicans, but he knows that he and the other liberal democrats who are supported by large ACORN and Fannie Mae campaign contributions are the ones who pushed for high-risk loans for more "affordable" housing for peolple who did not qualify for mortgages. You can view the videotapes of the Senate hearings on the subject in 2004.

2. Work to secure "absolute abortion rights". That is why when he was an Illinois state senator Obama voted to allow health care professionals to abandon babies  who were born alive after unsuccessful abortions to die a horrible death from starvation and neglect. Fortunately the US Senate voted 98 to 0 in favor of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act before Obama became a US Senator.

3. Work to make "sexual preference" a civil right, which would give militant gays the power they have always wanted: to prosecute churches for not hiring homosexuals, not marrying them, not allowing them to be members, and preaching against the homosexual lifestyle. The term, "civil rights" is a liberal construction that not found in the constitution, but it basically supersedes all other rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Everything Obama says is calculated to make people think he is a moderate, not a radical liberal, but everything he has done in office says the pledge he signed is for real. He is a radical extremist who is determined to make "goldess socialism" the new basis of our society, replacing the Christian values of our founders.

If you think Obama is a Christian, read about "Black Liberation Theology" on my website. If you think socialism is the Christian thing to do, consider the fact that nowhere in the Bible does it say that governments should take money from people through high taxes to give it to the poor. That is something we are urged to do voluntarily in the name of Christ. The Bible says "if a man will not work, neither let him eat", meaning that Christians are not expected to support people who are not willing to work, if they are able.

You will find reliable information you can share with friends as well.



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