Digital Destruction

Digital Destruction

The evening news and American pop culture cinema, what do they have in common? They both are sensationalistic, disturbing, and more appropriately, not for children. The last movie I saw, through the spaces of my fingers that is, was The Last House on the Left. My brother talked me into going and restrained me several times from leaving, it was too violent and explicit. In the beginning of the film a young girl was violently raped, you could see it coming like a slow motion car wreck. The young lady in the movie portrayed an underage beauty, the camera panned her entire figure as she playfully joked around with her girlfriend, her clothes dangling off her fully developed body.

They accentuated her sexuality, clothing it will juvenile naivety.; it was enough to make the old men feel like perverts and the young ones shamefully not look away as she was assaulted. The victim's girlfriend tried to stop the rape and was violently impaled by the thrust of a giant hunting knife, she took an agonizingly long time to die, it truly rattled me, I had to keep telling myself that it was just a movie. I think it was this movie that motivated me to vow not to let my daughter watch anything more controversial than the animal channel.

And you know what, it's not just the film industry, television is morally corrupt, and it is causing a vital disconnect between fantasy and reality. Children have become accustomed to learning life's lessons from an idiot box. TV has blurred the lines between right and wrong, good and bad; it has taught the unsupervised masses that you solve issues by killing someone, why not the hero's do it. Television has also perpetuated the liberal mantra of entitlement, you deserve it, even if you must take it. If you don't agree that TV has a profoundly negative effect on society, primarily children, you should really think it through. TV is socializing our young, much like the socialization puppies receive, it teaches them how to interact with their peers. Imagine if you were to raise your pup around vicious other dogs, most likely they will respond violently when they encounter familiar situations, not good.

Parent's who do not take the initiative to investigate what they are letting their children view are doing a detrimental disservice to society. Kids emulate much of the behavior that they see on TV, good or bad, unfortunately the adults in their lives do not take or have the time to teach them what honor and respect mean. An increasingly large number of ten year old children are not fit to interact in a proper environment, and the blame should rest squarely on their parents.

Recently, the nation was exposed to "balloon Boy" a microcosm of the deficiency more and more American parents have regarding normality. We are told "normal is only a setting on a wash machine, who are you to say what's normal" There once was the wholesome God fearing patriot or honest family man who led by example, the problem was when people couldn't reach that bar, liberals lowered it, they didn't correct the answer, they changed the question. Now that we have been told "Your answer is not wrong, it's just a different perspective" we have no standards. Richard Henne "balloon boy's father" was so enthralled with achieving notoriety, he pimped out his own child's integrity.

The evening news resembles a "best of" daily recap of the follies, destruction, and mayhem of the last twenty four hours. Of course if your part of the government run media, you will have to manage exploiting the hapless nit wit's and murderers and sex offenders of America, in between your constant campaigning and defending of the currant president and his administration. The "news" as well as the "entertainment" programs are conveying the Presidents agenda both blatantly and covertly. When I mentioned to my wife that she would be noticing her shows carrying the message of public service per the Obama administration, she thought that I was mad; then when it happened she responded like all good liberals would, "Well I think there's nothing wrong with helping"

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