Dems Bolt Contempt Vote

Washington : DC : USA | Jun 28, 2012 at 3:23 PM PDT
White House Photo
Attorney General Eric Holder Charged With Contempt of Congress


Eric Holder speaks in Washington

by Rev. Austin Miles

Washington, D.C. (6/28/12) Over three dozen democrats and the Black Caucus ceremoniously walked out of the House of Representatives during the voting of contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder this afternoon, stating that they will not take part in a racist witch hunt. So there!

Holder is accused of being an accessory to walking guns to Mexico that killed hundreds of people and a U.S border agent. Holder refused to provide the emails that would document those who were part of the illegal gun running.

Holder is also under investigation for helping leak security information that would make Obama look like a strong leader while putting America's security in peril.

Even though Obama invoked "Executive Privilege" to block the investigation of Holder, the Congressional Committee voted 255 to 67 to charge him with contempt. Even those who walked out knew that they could not have swung the bill to 'nay' since the "yays" already outnumbered them.

Since the contempt citation would go to the U.S. Attorney who works for Holder, maybe Holder himself, enforcement is doubtful. So it will next become a court case.

This hearing was held across the street from the Supreme Court that earlier voted yes for Obamacare (which did not boost job creation). The Stock Market took a plunge at the news.

Voting Obama out will be challenging since he was never voted IN. He was placed into the Oval Office by the Communist Party who had patiently, over many years, infiltrated the government. He cannot be impeached. Only a legal president can be impeached.

After the 2008 "election", Obama held a massive "Election Night Victory Party" in Chicago's Grant Park. Obama had secured the location with a million dollar down payment for that victory party....several months BEFORE the election even took place. THAT is true optimism.