Democrat Leaders in Congress Surrender and will allow God in new Capitol Visitors Center

The House and Senate Democrat leadership caved in to the desire of the American people to not have God forgotten in the new Capitol Visitor Center in Washington D.C.  Some 108 Members of the House of Representatives, both Republicans and Democrats, wrote to the House and Senate leadership last month to protest that any mention of God was "conspicuously absent" from the new visitor center. 

The builders and archtects responsible for the Capitol Visitor Center along with their Democrat overseers --  which is years behind schedule and hundreds of millions of dollars over budget and which will be visited each day by some 15,000 visitors per day according to estimates  --  had nary a mention of God and America's Judeo-Christian history in the visitors center. 

An announcement was made earlier this month, according to "The Washington Times" last Monday, that the motto "In God We Trust" will actually be chiseled in stone -- the harder for the ACLU to abolish from the Capitol Visitors Center --  in a prominent spot, as well as the Pledge of Allegiance, which according to liberal Democrats contains the offensive words "Under God." 

The Democrat congressional leadership is to be commended for changing their minds and allowing God to be a part of the history in the United States Capitol Visitors Center. 

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