Democrat's UnDemocratic Outrage

Last night the Do Nothing Party -- otherwise known as the Democratic Party -- undemocratically pulled a fast one on the American people. The Republicans in the House of Representatives were attempting to attach an amendment to an agriculture bill which would prevent illegal aliens from receiving federal benefits, an amendment supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people. When the time expired on the vote for the Republican amendment, the vote tally on the tote board -- right above the chair of the Speaker of the House and the "In God We Trust" motto -- showed 215 FOR the amendment denying federal benefits to illegal aliens to 213 against the Republican Amendment. Yet, the substitute speaker in the chair ruled that the Democrats won the vote and pounded his gavel signifying the end of the vote on the amendment. The Republicans were so outraged that most of them walked out of the House chamber.

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) outraged over the Democrats' undemocratic and flagrant violation of the rules of the House issued a statement last night in response to the Democrat majority's violation of House rules last night on a vote that would have prevented illegal immigrants from collecting federal benefits.

Congressman Blunt said:

"The ability of this Congress to fulfill its responsibilities to the American people depends on the presence of clear rules and an open, ordered debate -- and a fair hand in protecting both. The majority did not observe those rules last night, in the process reversing the will of this chamber on a measure that would've made sure those in the country illegally aren't afforded federal benefits at the expense of legal, hard-working Americans."

Indeed, considering the fact the most Americans want the Democrat Congress to secure the borders which they refuse to do, and considering the fact that the overwhelmingly majority of the American people do not want hard-earned tax dollars to go to illegal aliens, it was outrageous that the Democrat Party in the House pulled such a sinister move last night.

Republican Whip Roy Blunt went on to say in his statement:

"The majority has been forthright in apologizing for last night's unprecedented over-reach, and I take them at their word that the violation was unintentional. But instead of doing the right thing this morning and reinstating the vote's true outcome, Democrats seem content with the result they manufactured and are now simply trying to move on. I believe that to be unacceptable.

The rules of the House and obligations of civil debate require more of the majority than what we saw last night, this week, and, frankly -- for most of this session. It's my hope that Democrats will use their time off in August to reconsider their approach and return with a new respect for this chamber -- if not for the sake of Republicans, than for the sake of the American people they're supposed to represent."

The first session of the new Democrat-controlled Congress has been one of little or no accomplishments so far, but one noted for witch-hunts of the Bush Administration. Indeed, there have been over 600 "oversight" congressional hearings in less than 6 months, an average of 100 such hearings per month. Hopefully, the Democrats in the House and the Senate will come back from their 4 week August vacation ready to do the nation's business.

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