Cruel Killing of Wolves Must Stop!

Cathy Taibbi, an excellent journalist, is an expert on wild life and the environment. Her stories are published on major news sites internationally, pulling thousands of visitors. Her passion for the subjects she writes about gives her reports extra punch.

Providing solid research and startling photos, Ms. Taibbi’s stories are having a positive effect. A series she wrote on wind turbines, that kill so many birds including eagles, resulted in a new design for the turbines in an effort to prevent or at least slow down the deaths.

In a story just published on, Ms. Taibbi reveals how the special-interests, mainly the livestock and hunting lobbies, using wildlife as political pawns, have a goal to eradicate all wolves from North America. The first step in accomplishing this, according to the breaking story, is to remove wolves from the ‘endangered species’ list, taking all wolves in America from federal protection, while opening the way for enthusiastic hunters to kill them. The feds provided ideas on how to lure them to their deaths, to kill them by trapping, poisoning, bow and arrow and of course, shooting them. No restrictions.

The most disturbing and outrageous of all, is some of the government sites that advise hunters to shoot them in a way that does not kill them instantly so that they will suffer longer. That is THEIR words! This is cruel, inhumane, insane and barbaric. THIS MUST STOP!  Ms. Taibbi is circulating a petition to stop this madness. You will see the link below and a link for her complete story.

Wolves are beautiful creatures, who mate for life. Unfortunately, they have been totally misrepresented as a creature of evil…the big bad wolf. First of all they are close cousins to the dog. So much so, with such similar characteristics, that a reader wrote to Cathy Taibbi and told how a big dog showed up at her door step, they bonded, she took it in and, as she said, "He is a great dog."

After a couple of years, she had to take it to the vet. The veterinarian came out and asked her how she obtained a wolf. "A wolf?" she answered, "Do you mean part wolf?" "No," said the vet, "this is a total wolf." She still says that it is the best dog she ever had. An older man in the town I live in has a wolf that he takes on a leash out for walks.

A TV newscast made me break out in tears as I watched it. Sarah Palin was shown in an aircraft, with her rifle, hunting down wolves. As the helicopter hovered over some wolves, they looked up at it innocently as Ms. Palin cocked her rifle, and with a smile on her face, pulled the trigger.

That poor beautiful animal fell over and literally screamed in pain as it kicked it’s legs in the air, dying in agony. For that I will never like Sarah Palin or support her in any way, including a run for president.  She obviously loves to kill.

THE BIBLE in Genesis 1:28 tells us that God gave man DOMINION over the animals. Inhumane people use that as an excuse to mistreat, torture and kill animals. The word, dominion, has several meanings in the ancient languages including, ‘respect,’ and 'cooperation.’ That is the same ‘respect,’ which ministers use in marriage ceremonies. We are instructed to respect and cooperate with the animals. Hopefully our spouses too.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that he can evaluate a country by the way it treats its animals. How very true. A recent newscast showed how in one part of the world, shark fins are an expensive delicacy and fishermen were seen pulling in sharks and cutting off their fins while they are conscious and alive and then toss them overboard to die. You could see the agony in the shark’s eyes as they are being dissected alive. I have never especially been fond of sharks, but this is just totally wrong.

Then there is the horrific video from Holland showing men taking their kids to a dolphin kill. Dolphins are friendly, they like people and will come to them. With thrusting knives, they stab them to death—FOR SPORT! And they are laughing, and their kids are laughing, having a great time watching them suffer. I’m getting sick as I write this. How can this be?

Yesterday I did a funeral. The woman who died had a dog she was devoted to. When she died the dog, named Taz, grieved. I mean grieved. He actually had tears in his eyes and insisted on staying right by her bed.

How many people have you heard say, "Ah, its just an animal." There is no such thing as JUST an animal. Each creature has its own personality. They can be happy, sad, express deep emotions, fall in love and also comfort those who hurt. They become valued family members.

Recently, along with many, many, people in my community, I was grieving over a situation that affected the entire area. The biggest comfort to me and my wife was our grown lab, Rusty, and our two pups. In the evening, we would sit on the floor with them and cuddle with them as we watched our favorite TV program, Monk. The comfort given by our four legged family members had a great soothing effect on us.

Please help us take a stand on this encouraged murder of wolves…yes, murder. Even though I rarely sign a petition, I signed this one Please do the same. The petition can be viewed and signed,by going to the link to her story below.

Please make plans to attend Howl Across America in Washington, DC and show your support for our wild wolves as well as our support for a strong, revitalized Endangered Species Act.

The links below will open Ms. Taibbi’s full story as published in The Examiner.

This link lincludes several photos, one showing hunters standing around a wounded wolf they had just shot, all with smiles on their faces.

Cathy Taibbi, based in Atlanta, has a background in zoology and during that time wrote several articles for the zoology professional trade journals. To learn more about wolves, see the Grizzly Adams fiilm, "Friends for Life," produced by David Balsiger. It has just been re-released in Blu Ray 3 -D. Google "Friends for Life" to see my review of the film.

In the meantime, I am going out for another long walk.



Rev. Austin Miles

Writer Responds: To the reader who responsed to my documented story, Cruel Wolf Killings Must Stop, with "This is nonsense,"  I have to scratch my head wondering how a human being could be so heartless. Perhaps the writer is not a human being since humans are supposed to have a heart , conscience, mind and concern for other creatures.  Animals have feelings and can experience pain just like we can.  I would rather see more animals on earth and less humans like this reader who would be one to enjoy killing animals and watching them suffer and make comments against those with compassion anonymously.


Forgive me for going out on a limb here, while I know neither of you other than from the few blogs I have read since becoming a member (yesterday), this organization and your blogs have given me new hope for our country.

It's a great thing, engendering hope.

I am saddened to see the two of you disagreeing without "eye-to-eye contact."  Of course, I will probably have a different viewpoint from yours from time to time myself.  I am certain there will be times when you will disagree with my blogs/comments also (shoot myself in the foot; this could well be one now).  Having-said-that, I believe in the humane slaughter of animals (for food or necessary thinning of herds), but I also believe Sarah Palin gets to be the example far too often.

I love our pets and all God's creatures, but I know that between the saving of a human life and my dog's life, however bitter the choice might be... the human must win out.

Without getting any deeper into my thoughts, my aspiration is to; hopefully, bring the three of us together as blogging acquaintances, colleagues, even perhaps, someday, friends.

Your words are far too valuable to be lessened, especially by me or you.


But now, LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are our potter. We are the work of your hands.  Isaiah 64:8




Welcome to the forum!   It is encouraging to see another soul who relies on God's word to judge the actions of this world yet reserves judgment of others' intents-of-the-heart to God while treating all with love. Sure would be nice if we could make this contagious.



Thanks so much for the kind welcome, with God's help I will live up to your words.

As for being judicial, I think many times we misconstrue the sense of the word judge, as it relates to God's word. Forgive me if I am in error, but I believe you use it as I do.

When referring to God, supreme judgment is truly reserved to YHWH.

When referring to humans, there are judges in the sense of those appointed as officers of the court to adjudicate official matters. There is also the process of non-binding judgment or deduction, if you will: inference from a general principle. Police and prosecutors, who are not Judges, do it every day; as do we all.

We derive by reason. If we could not make judgments in that sense, we wouldn't be able to discern good from evil, saint from sinner, or even food from poison. To quote Paul, "That would be unthinkable!"

Therefore, we should not confuse our non-binding judgment on others as anything other than binding on ourselves, for truly, we are judged by how we judge others. Last and most importantly, we should always submit our reasoning to God in prayer; so that we are ultimately spiritual in our conclusions.

Again, thanks for the warm welcome,


I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love which Christ Jesus our Lord shows us. We can't be separated by death or life, by angels or rulers, by anything in the present or anything in the future, by forces or powers in the world above or in the world below, or by anything else in creation. Romans 8:38, 39


This is nonsense. 


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