Commentary: Presstitutes Sabotage America by Misinformation

The dust had not even settled from the recent terror bombing in Norway before the presstitutes were at their keyboards disciminating propaganda to further their cause by immediately identifying the bomber, Anders Behring Breivik, as a Christian.

The ever faithful New York Times assigned scribbler Steven Erlanger (yes, scribbler NOT journalist) to put it on the front pages headlined, "Norway Charges Terror Suspect." In the second paragraph of the yarn Erlanger described Breivik as "a gun-loving highly religious Norwegian."

Then in the next paragraph The Gray Lady Presstitute quotes a source; "What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist."

The entire story is peppered with references to "right-wing groups," ‘Conservative Party,' "anti-Islamic right,' and even more loaded, "This is right-wing domestic terrorism."

Sally Quinn of The Washington Post didn't do much better, proclaiming that Beivik is a Christian and insisted upon that label on the O'Reilly Factor last evening. Then somehow Timothy McVeigh was brought into the discussion who the scribblers also labeled a Christian.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to the Marxists who would take over our country is the church. They know that Christian people will not and cannot be enslaved. This creates a problem for the democratic party which advances Marxism and Communism which can only go so far with the church standing in the way.

So it is imperative to undermine the church and Christianity in every way possible, to weaken the church and to destroy Christianity itself. Communism cannot exist where there is a strong church presense The Dems lie to secure their goals of eliminating Jesus Christ from society.

First lie: Breivik, according to his own blog posts is NOT a Christian but a Darwinist. Timothy McVeigh was NOT a Christian, indeed he outright rejected God. Adolph Hitler was NOT a Christian. He persecuted the church, except those that would endorse and support his crimes, and he ordered the death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Yet the Democrat Socialist Marxists still try to convince the world that Hitler is an example of Christianity which is something to avoid. The lying presstitutes still keep at it.

A very curious entry into an update of the Norway Bomber today, also by Steven Erlanger of The New York Times, and published throughout the world, states:"On Tuesday, after visiting wounded young victims in the hospital, Jonas Gahr Store, Norway's foreign minister and a senior member of the labor party, went to a large Oslo mosque of the World Islamic Mission to express solidarity with the country's Muslim population." How's that again?

The presstitutes lied about the Christian connection of these criminals. They also are lying about Global Warming. There are drastic climate changes period. This issue is being pumped up to help the U.N. push a global tax on the world which will give leaders unspeakable wealth and Al Gore, fronting that bogus issue, has already made over 100 million on that scam but stands to receive $1.billion if it goes through. Plus the issue brings more control over the world population which is a goal of the Marxists.

The presstitutes lied about Obama being ‘voted' in. He was not. He was PLACED there by Marxists. He contracted with Grants Park in Chicago for his election night Victory Celebration, and put down a million dollar deposit, MONTHS BEFORE the election. It was a done deal.

There are too many lies to put here. However, the NY Times and Liberal Press does tell the truth occassionally...such as revealing to the world how Osama Bin Laden was being tracked by his cell phone. Of course Bin Laden got rid of the cell phone immediately which delayed his capture and death for 10 years.

And the NY Times and ‘mainstream press' published the story of a new secret aircraft to defend our country, complete with dimensions, a diagram of how it is built, its load capacity, altitude range and speed.

This is why internet news is so despised by the ‘mainstream media.' Here is where one can learn the truth. The only thing the news media gives the public is an IDEA of what is happening in the world, but forget the facts. That's where the fabrication work reaches its highest ‘journalistic' creative skills.

Rev. Austin Miles, an Un-PC writer was recently fired from The Examiner for not supporting and promoting homosexuality in his stories and was kicked off the team of writers for Assist News Service when atheist Michael Newdow told editor/publisher Dan Wooding to do so. These stories can be accessed at:



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