Church Newscast Catching On

The debut of the Mountain View Christian Center television newscast out of Oakley, California last week (that can be seen below) was a success. Viewers have shown that they like news that has a twinkle in the tone. How one views the news can make a difference in the sanity level during the day.

The AGN-TCL Streaming News Network offers bite-size news tidbits in 10 minute segments. Viewers love it since they are short, sweet and meaningful (now we are referring to the newscasts, not the viewers--then again, maybe they are--ahh forget it!.)  Anyway, in this day and age, where everybody is running here and there, briefer and quickly-to-the-point is better. The unique newscast can be seen on both YouTube and Tangle.

The video cameraman is noted photographer Tim Vaughn who has his own studio. His son, Tim Vaughn, Jr. is the video editor. The first team to be seen is Angelia Baxter paired with this writer, which is an excellent combination with perfect interaction. The newscast will feature various newsteams to watch for. The segments are filmed in the Mountain View Christian Center Media Studio.

 The second newscast which can be seen below shows that the format works and gives viewers relevant stories and ideas that encourage everyone to get a sense of humor, and enjoy living life, even in a chaotic world. Click the link below to see it.

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