Christian Coalition wins First Amendment victory in Senate

Tuesday afternoon, an interesting victory was won by the Republican Party in the United States Senate.  All of the Republicans stuck together  --  including the 3 left-wing to moderate New England Republicans  --  providing a victory for the GOP and First Amendment rights for all Americans.  Christian Coalition of America (CCA) has been working for weeks trying to defeat this disaster of a bill, which actually passed the United States House of Representatives.   

By a margin of one vote in the Senate, the onerous legislation called the "Disclose Act" introduced by the Democrats to help their union boss cronies and to censor the free speech rights of their opponents, was defeated.  The major immediate problem was, the Supreme Court would not have been able to strike down this clearly unconstitutional bill in time for the November elections during which the Democrats hoped to hold down the great losses they will now undoubtedly suffer.  Most analysts believe the House of Representatives will revert back to the Republicans after 4 disastrous years of Democrat control under San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi.   

The Christian Coalition has been targetting the New England Republican Senators for weeks and was very pleased to see all of them join all of the other Senate Republicans in voting no on this abominable bill.  The Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky called the Democrats' "Disclose Act" a "transparent effort to rig the fall election for Democrats."  And he added that "Unions are the ultimate victors under this bill."     

The Democrats came up with this latest scheme to stifle debate in America after the United States Supreme Court  --  in a landmark ruling in January  --  declared that corporations and labor unions can use money from their general budgets to fund television advertisements calling for the election or defeat of candidates for Congress and for the White House.  Wednesday's "The Wall Street Journal" reported that before January's Supreme Court decision, these organizations had to fund political advertisements by collecting smaller donations from individuals.  

After Barack Obama audaciously and intentionally misinterpreted the Supreme Court ruling in this year's State of the Union speech, Congress schemed to come up with a bill to help its radical union boss friends at the expense of groups and businesses which help Republicans and others who believe in the free enterprise system.  The Democrats in their "Disclose Act" had all sorts of onerous reporting requirements for those groups they consider their enemies, which would have effectively shut down criticism of Democrats and their left-wing agenda.   

"The Wall Street Journal" article reported that Senator Jon Kyl, Republican from Arizona said Tuesday regarding the Democrats' "Disclose Act" legislation:  "It is obviously written to disadvantage Republicans and favor Democrats."  For example, the article reports that "One of the more controversial provisions of the bill would require independent political entities to disclose the names of the donors to their political advertisements.  Opponents said that could discourage corporations from donating to organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, that run political ads."  

The American people are sick and tired of the radical policies coming out of this Democrat-controlled 111th Congress and are getting ready to throw out many of these bums, to use the vernacular.  The party of Jefferson and Jackson will rue the day they decided to follow the extreme left-wing policies coming out of the White House. 

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