Chief Justice John Roberts and the Affordable Care Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         JUNE 30, 2012


By Billy Falling

            Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday, June 28, 2012 in his decision that sided with the majority in upholding the Affordable Care Act could have landed what will be known as the fatal blow to our Constitutional Republican form of government in three different ways.

First, he and the four liberals, created a national tax which they have no constitutional authority to do:  That is reserved for the congress, and is to have its origination in the House of Representatives.

Second, he established a landmark decision that now becomes a precedent for succeeding courts, a principle in law known as stare decisis (let the decision stand). In the future courts  are obligated to base their conclusions on his wrong decision.

Third, he committed the ultimate act of judicial activism, that is, going beyond the Constitution and making new law, a practice known as legislating from the bench.

Congress now has the power to enact any legislation and foist upon the American people anything they want, as long as they call it a tax.  A fine is now a tax, a fee is now a tax, a penalty is now a tax, and how about a toll: The door is wide open to make slaves to the government the people who were previously protected by a limited federal government with a balance of powers between the three branches.

For Justice Roberts we now know that he can not or will not stand up to the bullying and pressure from President Obama, who publicly attacked him and the Court in his state of the union address in January, 2011 and again at a press conference after this case was argued in March, 2012.  That attack was repeated by Senator Patrick Layhe of Vermont in the U.S. Senate.  He caved to their intimidations and pressures to side with the liberals and turn his back on the Constitution, the Strict Constructionists on the Court, and the American people.

What we as Americans had before the Thursday’s decision, we no longer have; a confidence in the Supreme Court that they will protect us from the left-wing radicals and traitors to our country who want to fundamentally destroy our heritage of liberty and freedom and replace it with a government-run, top-down, socialistic society that Obama promised he would do just days before his inauguration.  We can thank John Roberts for that.

Thus far, the future looks pretty gloomy, except for one thing.

The Supreme Court is not the highest court in the land.  The Constitution is not the highest law in the land.  There is a higher source of authority, and that will be our savior.  It is, WE THE PEOPLE.

Whether by a stroke of brilliance, or pure unadulterated cowardice, Justice Roberts just handed the American people Barrack Obama’s head on a platter.  I for one am not going to give Roberts the benefit of the doubt.  I hold that he is a coward, not fit to serve in the office that he holds.  He handed Obama the bully from Chicago his lunch money and went home to mother, as one writer put it.  However, in doing so, he gave the White House to Mitt Romney, and most likely, the control of the U.S. Senate to the Republicans, as well as the House of Representatives.

WE THE PEOPLE, have the right to amend constitutions, impeach justices, and throw out of office those who betray us.  We can now make right what the Democrats in this country have been blindly led to establish as the wrong direction they have taken us in for the last several (at least fifty) years.  We have the greatest opportunity to drive them so far back into a minority, that they can be relegated to a position of observance, rather than influence, for what I hope will be until Jesus returns.  All we have to do is pull out all the stops, dust off our uniforms, saddle up, and ride this gift from God called Freedom like the fabled Ghost Riders in the Sky.   Let’s chase the Devil’s Herd into the darkest canyons of irrelevancy like preceding generations of Americans have done in times like these. 

WE THE PEOPLE can do it, my fellow Americans.  And it is my conviction that we will do it.  What may have been intended for evil in the John Roberts debacle in our Supreme Court can be turned into the greatest good in November.  Let’s drop-kick the bums for a field goal.  Take no prisoners, show no mercy, and leave them for dead in the political sense.  Compromise is now a dirty word.  That’s what got us into this mess.  It will not get us out.  Go, my fellow Americans, Go Tea Party, Go USA.  USA,USA, USA.  THIS IS WHO WE ARE.



Billy Falling is an author, publisher, keynote speaker, freelance writer, and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.  Email, [email protected] 

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