Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin: the Media's double standard

Caroline Schlossburg or Caroline Kennedy Schlossburg, or whatever she calls herself these days, has been doing precious few interviews with the news media, and it became quite clear why she is staying away from the media in her aggressive bid to convince New York Governor David Paterson to appoint her to Senator Hillary Clinton's seat when the latter is sworn in as Obama's Secretary of State. 

In the "New York Times" interview, she sounded like a teenager in a cell phone conversation with her best friend, while searching desparately for intelligent answers to the questions in which she mostly failed.  Like some teenagers, who use the words "like" and "you know" incessantly, Caroline Kennedy used the phrase "you know" an astounding 12 times during a 49 second period.  That is a "you know" every 4 seconds!   A new record if she was a teenager.

Yet the "New York Times"  --  along with legions of left-wing media organizations  --  who sent reporters to dig up dirt on Governor Sarah Palin, a public official with great administrative experience, and her family and friends is actually supporting Caroline Kennedy to become the next Senator from New York.  The drop in Governor Palin's high approval ratings during the presidential campaign was clearly due to the left-wing bias of the "mainstream" news media and comedy shows such as "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) which protrayed her as a ditzy prom queen. 

It will be interesting to see if the same SNL show will do a hatchet job, or numerous hatchet jobs, on Caroline Kennedy when they resume regular programming in January.  They do indeed have a lot of ammunition given to them by Mrs.Kennedy-Schlossburg during her recent interviews and by her lack of knowledge about national issues.  But Americans should not hold their breath to see the same kind of scrutiny they used against Governor Palin, who is clearly more informed on national issues than the New York Senator-wanna-be. 

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