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Kagan favors "health" exception for abortion

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan may have accidentally shed some light on her views on abortion by confirming that she supports "health" exceptions to abortion legislation.

Of course abortion advocates usually try to include "health" exceptions in anti-abortion legislation as a way of making the legislation meaningless, as the exceptions almost invariably tend to be large enough as to include anything that deviates from normal, including emotions. 

For her part, Kagan essentially stated that she's just fine with that.  (via LifeNews)

During questioning today, pro-abortion Sen. Diane Feinstein of California asked Kagan, "Do you believe that the constitution requires that the health of the mother be upheld?"

"With respect to abortion generally, I think that the continuing holdings of the Court are that a woman's life and women's health must be protected in any abortion legislation," Kagan responded.

Of course this is the exact opposite conclusion drawn by the Supreme Court in 2007 when it upheld the current ban on partial-birth abortion, (which does not have a "health" exception).

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AUDIO: Kagan challenged by Supreme Court conservatives over anti-free speech positions

The clip below is a recording from oral argument before the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case, which pitted the government's campaign finance laws vs. the free speech of unions and corporations in political campaigns.  The case was ultimately decided in favor of free speech by a 5 to 4 margin.  Which tells you all you need to know about how tenuous our free speech rights really are.

The audio of Kagan's argument in favor of restricting free speech rights, (including defending the government's right to ban pamphlets if it so chose), should tell you all you need to know about Kagan.

But if you do need more, feel free to view our Kagan Fact Sheet.  And pass it on!


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Kagan hearings offer an opportunity

As the Senate Judiciary Committee gets set to start its confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan, the question is no whether she'll eventually be cleared by the committee, (given that it has a majority of Democrats), but whether Republicans will use the hearings as an opportunity to point out her record.  Or even promote a REAL discussion about the proper role of judges in our government.

In the past, Kagan commented that such hearings are usually a farce and that the public doesn't learn much about where judges are really coming from.  Truer words...  So how does she feel about being forthcoming on the issues now??

Republicans should press the issue and ask direct questions and demand direct answers.  Here's a short preview of a longer list of issues they should force her to address:

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Christians arrested for giving out the Gospel in Michigan

As hard as it may be to believe, it's true.  Four Christians were arrested in Detroit this week for distributing copies of the Gospel outside of an Arab International Festival.  In addition to being arrested, the camera (with any video of what they were doing, as well as how event security and police reacted) was confiscated.

In many ways you expect to see this sort of thing in some third world countries. But this is America.  And now it's here.

(Via the Christian Examiner)

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Democrats to try to bring the DISCLOSE Act up again

There they go again...  According to Roll Call, the Democrat House Leadership is planning to move the free-speech restricting "DISCLOSE" Act again.  The latest information indicates that they will be moving for a vote tomorrow (Thursday).

The story quotes a Democrat aide saying that "Leadership is confident we'll have the votes".

They ran into some trouble last week after complaints from the Black Caucus over a special deal that the leadership cut with the NRA to get their support, but now it seems they're back on board.

The bottom line is this bill is BAD for free speech.  It's BAD for anyone who believes individuals and groups of Americans should be able to speak out on the issues they care about and exercise our 1st Amendment rights.

It was written by Democrats looking to RE-restrict corporations (including non-profit, issue advocacy groups) from spending their own money to speak out in the political arena - after the Supreme Court struck down a previous law that did the same exact thing.  What's worse is their new version doesn't RE-restrict the same behavior by unions, which is no coincidence.


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Pro-abortion groups receive over 1 billion in taxpayer dollars

There's a new study out that documents just how much YOUR money Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have received, courtesy of the federal government over the past seven years.

As far as Planned Parenthood goes, the figure is over six-hundred and fifty MILLION dollars. - an average of over one hundred million per year.

The report takes a look at all taxpayer supported streams of revenue making their way to the organization - from "Title X" funding for "family planning" to funds from government organizations like USAID and HHS.  The report from the government's General Accounting Office pegs the exact seven year figure at $657.1 million.

Of course, when it comes to the abortion biz, that's not it: (via Lifenews)

South Dakota pastor to test freedom of speech for churches

A pastor in South Dakota is moving to challenge the ability of the federal government (via the IRS) to prevent churches from endorsing candidates (or pastors from doing so in the pulpit).

Reverend Wayne Williams of Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Rapid City, South Dakota endorsed Republican state Senator Gordon Howie's bid for governor last month, specifically hoping to draw a challenge from the IRS so he could begin a legal challenge on the issue in federal court and produce a constitutional test case.

(Via the Washington Times):

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Pro-abortion group circulating pro-Kagan talking points

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is now distributing favorable talking points on Capitol Hill regarding Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

Of course this comes as no surprise, given that she's been nominated by a pro-abortion President.  But what is interesting is their attempt to "sell" Kagan as a mainstream judge, despite the fact that during her time in the Clinton White House she worked to find political cover for then President Clinton to veto Congress' ban on partial birth abortion.

(Via LifeNews)

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Social Security coming up short (spending more than it takes in)

Although it's far from a surprise and has long been predicted, it's finally a reality: Social Security is now officially paying out more than it is taking in.

Of course, Social Security has taken in more than it has paid out pretty much since its inception...which would lead a normal person to think there's a big fat piggy bank just waiting to pay out all those benefits, right?  Wrong.  The truth is that the government has faithfully borrowed every dime of that surplus over the years and spent it on, well, everything.

Bruce Krasting looks at the public data on the Social Security "Trust Fund" and points out that the numbers are headed in the wrong direction...pointing out that this wasn't expected to happen for another five years or so.

This is the cost of the protracted recession and the failure of the
economy to generate new jobs. The 2008-2009 increase in benefits was at
a nosebleed level of 9.5%. That level has collapsed to 3.9% in the
2009-2010 period.  ...

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