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Will Rick Santorum challenge liberal Senator Specter next year?

The news tonight that liberal Republican Senator Arlen Specter will no doubt join the two women liberal Republican Senators from Maine in voting for Barrack Obama's gigantic "stimulus" bill within the next couple days will undoubtedly set up a primary challenge to Specter in next year's Pennsylvania primary.

A similar bill last week in the House of Representatives did not receive even one Republican vote, and it is hard to believe that the Senate/House compromise bill next week will receive even one Republican vote in the House. Barack Obama promised he would try to get 80 Senators to vote for a bipartisan bill.

Yet another Obama campaign promise down the drain. Obama will get 60 votes for his gargantuan bill; all Democrats except for the 3 liberal Republicans, one former Socialist and Independent Joe Lieberman. Even the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predicts the Obama bill will negatively affect America's gross domestic product within a couple years. So much for providing 4 million new jobs.

Arlen Specter will have to defend -- in next year's primary -- his vote for the pork-filled, mostly non-stimulus bill costing the American taxpayers some $827 billion (plus interest, bringing the total costs to over $1 trillion) Specter, who has only an average of 25% rating in Christian Coalition of America's congressional scorecards, tried to reach out to conservatives during the final two years before his reelection campaign.

Pornography-Representing Attorney, David Ogden, Nominated as Deputy Attorney General by Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Deputy Attorney General nominee, David Ogden - lawyer for the Pornography business wherein he protected pedophiles - has hearings in the United States Senate yesterday.


Incredibly, Barack Obama nominated as his Deputy Attorney General, an attorney named David Ogden, who represented Playboy Enterprises in muliple cases, Penthouse Magazine, the ACLU, and the largest distributor of hard-core pornography videos.  He even has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet pornography.  He has protected pedophiles in that he has argued in favor of pornographers who produce pornographic material using underage children.  Ogden will report to Attorney General Eric Holder - in an already thoroughly discredited Obama Justice Department - an individual who played a key role as Bill Clinton's Deputy Attorney General in getting pardons for terrorists at the end of the Clinton Administration.

Virginia House of Delegates Reverses Directive Which Forced the Offering of Generic Prayers at State Law Enforcement Functions

Virginia House of Delegates passes legislation reversing State Police Superintendent W. Steven Flaherty's directive to offer generic prayers, avoiding invoking Jesus' name, at police department-sponsored public events such as graduations from the trooper training academy.


On Wednesday, the Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill, 66-30, enough to override the promised veto of Democrat Governor Tim Kaine  --  which reverses an administrative order by the state police Superintendent W. Steven Flaherty which prevents state police chaplains from praying in the name of Jesus at police department-sponsored public events such as graduations from the trooper training academy.  Virginia Christian Coalition participated in press conferences and other events leading up to the passage of this legislation.

At the federal level, Christian Coalition of America played a key role several years ago in ensuring that military chaplains may continue to pray in the name of Jesus by helping members of Congress such as Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC), Todd Akin (R-MO), and Duncan Hunter (R-CA) pass legislation ensuring that military chaplains have full religious freedom.

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