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Impact of gay marriage on 2012

The recent action in such a high profile state as New York, pushing gay marriage without input from the voters, brings the issue back to the fore.  And no matter how much he would like to push the whole issue under the rug, (or back in the closet?), Barack Obama is going to have to deal with it on his way to re-election.

New Hampshire, a state which just elected an overwhelming majority of Republicans plans to try to repeal gay marriage in that state early next year…about the that the Presidential primaries are in high gear.  In addition, Minnesota will feature a traditional marriage amendment to its state constitution on the November ballot next year. 

Most of the key swing states Obama will need to carry in order to win, such as Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan, have such amendments, all passed with large majorities of support from voters.  Add to that the fact that blacks, Catholic Democrats and senior citizens are more opposed to gay marriage than most – all groups that Obama needs big support from in order to carry those states.

Obama doesn't know his Reagan history

As the heat continued to rise in negotiations over whether (and/or how much) to increase our national debt limit, President Obama tried to scold Republicans into being more cooperative by suggesting that they needed to act more like Reagan and be willing to compromise.

"Ronald Reagan repeatedly took steps that included revenue, in order for him to accomplish some of these larger goals," Obama told CBS in an interview.  "And the question is if Ronald Reagan could compromise -- why wouldn't folks who idolize Ronald Reagan be willing to engage in those same kinds of compromises."

Of course, as you can imagine, Obama is clearly (and intentionally) misleading in how he characterizes Reagan, and what he would have done.  And the article doesn't do much better.  It goes on to report:

He (Reagan) was known for adopting aggressive tax cuts, but amid a burgeoning deficit agreed to several measures designed to raise revenue for government coffers such as closing loopholes and cutting tax breaks.

In a parallel with today's drama being played out between Democrat Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Reagan forged a budget with Democratic speaker Tip O'Neill despite their political and ideological differences.

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New statistics show thousands of disabled, Down Syndrome babies aborted

New abortion statistics have been released in England after a Freedom of Information Request filed by a pro-life group, and the information is shocking.  In short, it reveals thousands of abortions performed on disabled babies for everything from Down Syndrome to cleft palate.

This is the first time the British government has released information regarding abortions performed on the grounds of disabilities in over ten years.  It seems there's probably a reason for that - that being that the data makes people uncomfortable.

Just in the last year alone, records showed:

  • 2,290 abortions due to foetal medical problems last year
  • 35,000 abortions among under-16s since 2002
  • 26 since 2002 due to cleft palate fears
  • 147 on babies over 24 weeks into term last year
  • Thousands of abortions on 15 and 16 year old girls

From the Daily Mail:

Julia Millington, spokeswoman for the ProLife Alliance, said: 'This is a great victory for transparency and freedom of speech and we are delighted that full information about the justification for late abortions is now being made available in the same detail as it was in 2001.'

The data reveals that in 2010, 482 foetuses were aborted for Down's syndrome, including 10 who were over 24 weeks.

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Cain is not yet able

The highly popular Tea Party candidate, black conservative Herman Cain, is just not yet ready for prime time.  A recent example of why he is not was his appearance this past Sunday on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  Wes Pruden, in his "The Washington Times" column today entitled "No grandeur yet in this old party" says that "Mr. Cain, like most newcomers to major-league politics, stumbles when he strays from what he knows."

"When Chris Wallace of Fox News asked what he thought of the Palestinian 'right of return,' one of the fundamental obstacles to peace in the Middle East, the prospective candidate was clearly befuddled.  'The right of return? The right of return?'

"The interlocutor explained, gently, that he was talking about the off-the-table Palestinian position that refugees should have the right to return to territory lost with the establishment of Israel. Mr. Cain hesitated again, and then compounded innocent ignorance with unforgivable folly. 'I don’t think [the Israelis] have a big problem with people returning,' he said. 'The issue is there are some things they simply do not want to give in on.'"

Wrong answer!

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Obama sees writing on the wall

Since the historic election last November turning over control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans, within just a 4-month period, Barack Obama has capitulated in the first two major battles over the fiscal crisis in America, a crisis which got the Republicans elected in the first place.  And, Obama will be forced to give in on the next two major gigantic battles, raising (or not) the debt ceiling which is set to expire in July, and to sign into law a budget for the federal government for Fiscal Year 2012 (and spending levels for the next decade.)
During December's lame-duck session of Congress, the president was forced to give in to the Republicans  --  even though his party overwhelmingly controlled both chambers in Congress  --  on extending the tax cuts "for the rich" and for everyone else, which caused him to break his 2008 campaign promise to not extend President George W. Bush's massive tax cuts.
Just before midnight last Friday night, Obama was forced to surrender to the Republicans yet again by agreeing to a $38.5 billion cut in domestic spending, the largest in American history.  He had begun negotiations with the Republicans by saying he wanted no cuts at all.  Obama was also forced to return to the policy of no federally-funded abortions in Washington D.C. and a restoration of the school choice voucher program for the District of Columbia.

Number of ObamaCare waivers continues to grow

Despite the fact that last year's so-called health care legislation was sold to the public as necessary to "fix" the nation's health care system, over 1,100 waivers have been granted to businesses, unions, and other organizations exempting them from much of the new laws "remedies".

For its part, the administration claims that the waivers are needed to "stabilize" the insurance market.  In other words, they are admitting that their bill, if fully implemented and applied equally, would destroy the private insurance market and result in fewer (and more expensive) insurance options for Americans.

From the Hill:

“The fact that over 1,000 waivers have been granted is a tacit admission that the healthcare law is fundamentally flawed,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) last month. Upton is one of three House committee chairmen who has used new oversight powers to investigate the annual limit waivers.

Some conservative groups are suing in order to obtain documentation regarding those waivers, charging that favoritism is involved since many of the recipients have been unions.

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Help spread the word to stop taxpayer funding of abortion

Will you help us use the Internet to pressure Congress to stop funding abortion?

Last week we launched a new campaign to STOP Taxpayer Funding of Abortion, and your support has been tremendous.  (If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please click here and do so today).

But now we want to take it to the next level.

You can help spread the word by using our “Donate your status” application with either Facebook or Twitter.  Just click the appropriate logo and give our application permission to post on your behalf.

When you do, our application will automatically post one status update for you every seven days throughout the coming congressional battle over abortion funding.

Each update will provide a link that others can follow back to our campaign page and join the effort to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

That’s it!

So click here and help us leverage the power of the Internet and reach millions of Americans to speak out for the unborn today.

Also, be sure to forward this email on to as many others as possible.


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New campaign focuses on racial aspect of abortion

A Texas based pro-life group has begun to stir things up in the abortion debate by posting billboards in Chicago featuring baby-pictures of Barack Obama that read: "Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted".  The point of the ads is to highlight the high rate of abortion in the minority community.

Recent studies have shown that the abortion rate among African-Americans is far, far higher than any other race, which has led many pro-life groups to focus on the minority community.

Needless to say, the pro-abortion crowd is a little upset.

The Chicago Abortion Fund, a pro-choice group, denounced the billboard. "The ongoing anti-choice movement to target women of color in cities across the country is both despicable and deplorable," it said in a statement. "Not only is the ad attempting to shame black women but placing a picture of the President Obama alongside the message is cynical and misleading."

As the saying goes, the truth hurts.

Life Always, the group which put up the billboard, is planning to do another thirty similar billboards in the Chicago area in the near future.  It's most recent (and controversial) billboard featured a headline stating: "The most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb".

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38% of Americans fail a basic citizenship test

Newsweek magazine recently conducted a survey to test American's basic knowledge of citizenship by asking 1,000 current citizens to take the official US citizenship exam.  The results were about what you would expect in a country where the education system has spent progressively less and less time on history and civics.  In other words, awful.

Among the survey's more interesting findings:

  • Forty-four percent couldn't define the Bill of Rights
  • Seventy-three percent didn't know why we fought the Cold War
  • Twenty-nine percent couldn't name the Vice-President
  • Six percent couldn't circle Independence Day on a calendar

(Of course the last one might have a good bit to do with the seeming universal bad habit of referring to Independence Day as just "the Fourth of July", or just "the Fourth"...which eliminates any noting of why the day is celebrated)

Newseek points out the danger of many of our citizens collective ignorance, especially when it comes to things like our own foreign policy.

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