Capitol Hill Update: Republicans Vote a Resounding NO to Dems' Omnibus Bill

The Christian Coalition of America will be rewarding those 28 Democrats  --  who joined every single Republican in the House of Representatives voting yesterday  --  with a positive score in its next Christian Coalition of America Congressional Scorecard regarding the bloated and pork-filled Omnibus money bill the House Democrats passed by a margin of 221-202 (with one Democrat voting president, ala state senator Barack Obama who voted present numerous times worried about his political viability if he took a position on many issues; 7 Democrats and 3 Republicans did not vote.) 

Voting for this gigantic spending bill is an absolute disgrace besides the fact that provisions in the bill attack the American family and our culture.  The official name of the bill is the "Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY 2010," H.R. 3288.  The reason the Democrats call it a "consolidated" spending bill or an "omnibus" spending bill is that they could not get their job done, as they promised they would, repeatedly, during the 2006 and 2008 campaigns.  They got only 5 of the 12 spending bills signed into law this year, a record worse than most Republican Congresses.   

As the House of Representatives' Republican Study Committee (RSC) stated in an email before the vote: "Values issues get bludgeoned in this legislation. For example, the bill allows the DC government to fund abortions and needle exchanges using public dollars, phases out the DC school voucher program, eliminates funding for abstinence education, and increases international family planning funding by nearly 20% over last year and allows these funds to freely flow to organizations that promote and perform abortions."  

But an assault on values in America is not the only atrocious thing wrong with the Democrat gigantic spending bill.  As the RSC pointed out, the Democrat's omnibus bill had 1,085 pages containing an overall 12.5% increase over the FY09 budget for the same items, and an overall increase of 24.4% over FY2008.   

And as the left-wing anti-war and military-hating (in some instances) Democrat Congressmen have done ever since they took over control of the Congress from the Republicans three years ago, they use our courageous military as pawns to establish socialism and advance their goals such as abortion; wider use of marijuana; needle exchange for criminals and any other abominable left-wing social policy which they cannot pass without using a military bill to pass their sewage.   

As the RSC pointed out in their email, the Defense Appropriations (money) bill has been deliberately omitted from the Democrats' massive omnibus spending bill so that the Democrats can use it as a massive Christmas tree.  For example, the Democrats will attach a massive debt limit increase ("necessary" because of "reckless, runaway spending for the last three years while revenues have plummeted.)   

The Democrats, when campaigning during 2006 and 2008, blasted the Republicans for having thousands of pork barrel projects in their budget bills during the 12 years the Republicans had control of Congress.  Yet, in the three years that the Democrats have controlled Congress, they have included countless thousands of pork barrel projects ("earmarks") including 5,224 earmarks in this particular omnibus spending bill.  These pork barrel projects are worth $3.8 billion.   

A word to the wise for the Democrats before next year's crucial congressional elections: stop using our courageous military soldiers, sailors, and airmen as pawns in your sick quest to establish socialism and your demented "values" system in the United States of America.

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