Capitol Hill Update: President Obama is Still Defying the Will of the American People


After President Obama's speech tonight, it is still apparent that he is defying the will of the American people who do not want a government option included in health care reform or the numerous government mandates he listed in his speech.  The including of a so-called "trigger" - blackmailing health care insurance companies, as some Democrats propose - basically guarantees a government-run health care system in America. 

The fact that American taxpayers will eventually pay for elective abortions is abominable and is reason enough to vote against the health care bill being proposed by the Democrats.

If President Obama listened to the American people and heard their concerns, it was not evident in his speech tonight.  He is still defying the spirit of the massive protests by Americans as expressed in August's town hall meetings.   The overwhelming majority (80% to 90%) of Americans are satisfied with their health care.  Seniors, especially, do not want rationed care which will result if the Democrat bill in the House of Representatives passes.

The president and the Democrat-controlled Congress need to adopt a bipartisan approach to health care reform and include medical savings accounts, increased choices for individuals including portability of health insurance; the ability to buy health insurance across state lines and other commonsense solutions.  President Obama's advocating some form of litigation reform tonight is a good beginning.     

Congressman Charles Boustany, a heart surgeon from Lousiana, who gave the Republican response listed these commonsense ideas in his address to the nation following the president's speech.  In a pro-life nation, rock-solid guarantees that abortions will never be paid for with Americans' hard-earned tax dollars is imperative.      

Senator Max Baucus, in charge of writing a Senate health care bill, spoke the truth today when he said the Senate does not have the votes to pass a government option.  It should be a dead issue.  It is not too late for the Democrats to listen to the American people.

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