Capitol Hill Update: Obama's indoctrination of school children

Can you imagine what would have happened if President George W. Bush or President Ronald Reagan had announced that they would be addressing the nation's schoolchildren (kindergarten up to high school) in America to urge children to support their tax cut programs, or welfare reform programs, or to consider volunteering for the United States military services?  The left-wing mainstream news media in this country would have gone utterly mad and would have stopped the plan before it came to fruition.   

For the first time in history, a president, Barack Obama, is going to do exactly that next Tuesday and his Department of Education has provided the schools with propaganda backing up what he will say in his speech.  Such as, how children can write a paper saying how they will do volunteer work; how their parents and other family members can do volunteer work; and on and on.     

One of the Education Department's indoctrination materials suggests that teachers have children write letters to themselves on how they can help President George W. Bush; whoops, I mean, Barack Obama accomplish his goals.  And the mainstream media hasn't uttered a peep of protest.  

Our nation's legions of liberal teachers will of course direct these innocent little props on Barack Obama's stage to do volunteer work in the areas which he is concerned about:  going to rallies and getting their parents to go with them to support universal health care; encouraging their Members of Congress to vote for Obama's huge tax increase schemes.  What's next? Indoctrinated children going to rallies urging the Obama administration to continue his take-over of American businesses; redistribution of wealth, etc.?   

American parents need to tell their children's schools to say NO to Obama's indoctrination machine.  A Denver, Colorado television channel said that some Colorado parents are outraged about Obama's nationwide address next Tuesday to school children, saying he's trying to indoctrinate students with his agenda. reported that one Colorado mother, Shanneen Barron, who is not involved with politics, said her children are off-limits and that she is worried that Obama will put forth a socialist agenda and try to indoctrinate her children.  She is just expressing what millions of other parents are thinking and saying.  "Thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me," she said. "I'm an American. They are Americans, and I don't feel that's OK. I feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now."  

Obama's duel nationwide speeches next week show once again that he is all show with no substance.  To paraphrase Bill Clinton's former senior advisor Dick Morris, who said on Fox News this week, Obama's team is good at the showmanship of governing, but they are having no success with solving the major problems of this country.  Community-organizing and astroturfing support for socialist programs in corrupt Chicago has no relevance in Washington D.C. 

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