California's top court needs to uphold voters' decision on Proposition 8

During the past few years, there were three renegade state supreme courts which ruled that their state citizens could have homosexual "marriages."  Each of those dictatorial decisions were by one vote, in the states of California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  There was little doubt that the citizens of at least two of those states strongly opposed such a measure (California and Massachusetts.) 

And this feeling proved right in the case of California when on November 4th a majority of California voters, including some 70% of black Americans, voted to ban homosexual "marriage" when they voted for Proposition 8 which declared that marriage is between only one man and one woman.  There were outrageous demonstrations by the homosexual lobby following the voters' decision including assaults against Christians such as an elderly woman who was holding a large cross which was grabbed from her and stomped into the ground. 

Now, an even more outrageous event has occurred and that is the acceptance of lawsuits against Proposition 8 by the same top court in California which caused so many citizens to revolt against their decision to legalize homosexual "marriages." 

The infamous California Supreme Court, in more ways than one, has agreed to hear three cases challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8.  Unfortunately, the Republican Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has come out in support of the lawsuits against Proposition 8.  Fortunately, the top court in California also refused to allow homosexual "marriages" to continue in the state. 

Christian Coalition of America has organized a campaign to contact Governor Schwarzenegger to urge him to cease support of such efforts.  The California Supreme Court, now that it has decided to rule on Proposition 8 outlawing homosexual "marriages," should acquiesce to the will of California voters and uphold the state constitutional amendment. 

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