Breaking! Van Jones Quietly Part of Occupy Revolution!

Breaking! Van Jones Quietly Part of Occupy Revolution!

Sacramento : CA : USA | Mar 06, 2012 at 1:41 PM PST
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Czar Van Jones
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Occupy the Capitol protesters gather inside the state Capitol in Sacramento, California

March 6, 2012-Sacramento, California. The front pages of today's Contra Costa Times proclaims how the Occupy Protesters brought the California Capitol to a standstill yesterday as they flooded into the building, crowding everyone out of the hallways, making movement impossible. This pretense for the protest was 'Higher Education Costs." That is what they claimed it was about.

At the bottom of the piece, The Times showed a photo of Van Jones, listed as one of the speakers, so subtly placed that most would not even notice.

Van Jones? Yes, the self professed Communist who was appointed by Obama to be his, "Green Jobs Czar." A Czar is a Marxist term for someone appointed in leadership positions by a high political official, not by the people.

The term,Czar, used in the Soviet Union, was never used in the U.S. until Obama was placed in the Oval Office. Obama was backed by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and put there by them, not by the voters.

Jones' past, according to Kathy Shaidle of the Examiner, included a close association with The Ella Baker Center that was connected to STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement), a multi-racial collective with strong Marxist influences.

After intense public pressure, Obama was forced to dismiss this communist who evolved to establishment insider in our nation's capitol.

This writer was one of the first to show the Occupy Movement as a Communist revolution in progress, on the website: Scroll down to Archives, bottom left, click on Oct.2011, then to bottom of that page for title to click.

Having been behind the Iron Curtain, being present and seeing first hand the Communist revolutions in Rome, and in Cuba, the tactics to cause unrest under any banner is useful to distract a targeted country for eventual Marxist rule.

Van Jones said this at the Capitol Protest: "You students are a truly extraordinary generation. Keep fighting for affordable education. You're not asking for charity, you're asking for the same chance that my generation got. Don't let them tell you the state can't do better." To many like myself, that language is disturbingly familiar.