BREAKING! Obama Uses Storm for Campaign

BREAKING! Obama Uses Storm for Campaign

Washington : DC : USA | Oct 29, 2012 at 1:52 PM PDT
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Obama And The Useful Storm

by Rev. Austin Miles

Washington, D.C.(10/29/12). Anyone who has ever been in show business can immediately spot when an answer to a question is spontaneous or staged.

Earlier today, Obama set up his teleprompter to address the nation regarding the impact of Hurricane Sandy that is roaring its way up the East Coast. It is described by weather professionals as the most powerful storm in history to hit the East Coast.

In a beautifully scripted account of the storm, a question was asked of Obama, the only question allowed; "How will this storm affect the election?"

In another beautifully scripted response, Obama said, "The election is the last thing on my mind. The first and foremost concern is the safety of the people...." and yakity yak. That question and answer were no doubt safely on the teleprompter. It was a staged question and answer.

The clincher is that in a fleeting view of the attendees of the press briefing, the one who asked the question appeared to be David Axelrod, the architect of the Obama campaign. A second quick view of the attendees seemed to confirm that indeed, it was Axelrod. This holds true to Obama's slogan: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

In the biased CNN coverage of the storm, one reporter mentioned that Romney was trying to act presidential with his advice for the safety of the people, which brought this added sentence, "But I wouldn't take ANY of Romney's advice." Yep, unbiased news reporting.

Before addressing the nation, Obama actually attended a morning briefing which is unusual since he has refused to attend the briefings except for a few...less than half of them.

The briefings in general have to do with critical security threats to America, which would be of no interest to the fraud in the White House. The daily intelligence briefings are to ascertain dangers that might destroy America. Obama was placed into the Oval Office by CPUSA (Communist Party United States of America), for the specific purpose of assisting in the destruction of America, beginning with the church and making morals and ethics something to sneer at.

As the attack on the Libyan Embassy took place, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Obama made a trip to Las Vegas to play with the stars.

The only thing he had to say in response to the Libyan attack and the murders was that it was a spontaneous demonstration over a YouTube video that was offensive to Muslims, for which he apologized to the Muslims. He flatly denied that it was a planned terrorist attack to break on the anniversary of 9/11.

In following appearances, like The View, he stated that he knew nothing about the attacks and is now "launching a full investigation."

Again-here is the clincher;. It was reported today that Obama was watching the entire attack in the Situation Room.

The only reason for his appearance before America this morning regarding the storm had to do with his concern for his ELECTION campaign. He doesn't want to give up his cushy position where he and Michelle can be treated to lavish extravagance and entertainment vacations.

No doubt, he is miffed because he cannot get out of Washington during this devastating storm to go to Vegas to take it easy and play a few rounds of golf until the whole thing blows over.

So what are YOU going to do next Tuesday, November 6, 2012?