Breaking! Controversial Pastor Pete Peters Dies in Colorado

Pastor Pete Peters, the Un-Politically Correct head of Scriptures for America, was a full fledged cowboy, and probably the most intellectual cowboy one could ever meet.

And that intellect came out in his fiery sermons at LaPorte Church of Christ, his church in Colorado, as well as his numerous broadcasts on shortwave radio, satellite, web-radio and commercial stations world wide

One could determine by listening to one sermon that he was well educated. He was also a prodigious writer who published pamphlets, booklets and books.

He was a strict Bible Literallist, which stirred up many detractors and critics, particularly in the Jewish Community that constantly attacked and tried to destroy him.

He preached that there were two sets of Jews, the Israelis, who were the real chosen people, of whom his followers felt they were a part. Then there were the Judean Jews, those who were among the Pharisees including Caiphas who put Jesus to death. Those were the ones he warred wtih.

He had strong opinions regarding race, whites, homosexuals, and as he called them, Sloppy Agape Christian Churches that he felt did not preach the true Gospel. And he would not back down. He preached what he sincerely believed was truth.

There were constantly new stories, rumors and accusations, bordering on the bizzare that strained the credibility of those who spread them. He simply did not preach what everyone wanted to hear.

His attackers came from all directions, radio and television networks, newspapers and magazines such as Time which did not slow him down. Indeed, it just made him more defiant than ever

Several places where he had scheduled camp meetings and conferences were cancelled when they realized who he was. And police harassment often accompanied him.

He was a brilliant man to talk to about any subject, especially The Bible. He had thoroughly absorbed it. And he was open to God's direction

After hearing me preach a sermon about love, he faced his gathering at the conference and with tears streaming down his face, he confessed that he had never preached about love, and he intended to start doing just that. And he did.

This pastor, even though not being in total agreement with some of his beliefs, found him to be extremely loyal to those he knew and befriended.

At one point, when a barrage of attacks were launched against me without cause, so vicious that they could only have been spawned from the pits of hell-turning what seemed to be all ministers against me, one preacher stood with me in support. ONE! And that was Pastor Pete Peters, something this pastor will never forget.

He died after a broadcast on July 7th. There are no details available about his death or his funeral in order to prevent expected demonstrations of hatred expressed toward him, his ministry, his family and staff. It is too bad that they didn't hear his sermon about ‘Love." Or at least to have read 1 Corinthians 13.


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