Black Thursday in America

Thursday November 5, 2009 will stand out as Black Thursday in America. All are aware of the massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas, committed by a trusted "moderate" Muslim. Much more happened on that day. Let's begin with happenings in the East Bay of California and the violence at East Bay Public Schools;

Last Thursday is a day that should never have happened. Ft. Hood stands out. However, violence was taking place in East Bay schools. At Edna Hill grammar school in Brentwood, two 7th graders punched a pregnant teacher who had tried to break up a dispute between them. Instead they turned on the teacher and beat her. This has not been reported by the liberal news media. Not a line, even though the teacher was one month away from giving birth to her child. We do not know her condition or the condition of her unborn baby.

As for the 7th graders, they are a direct product of our government run public school system, where students are taught that there are no right or wrong..whatever is right for you is right. They are falsely taught the Darwin deception that we all evolved from apes, chimpanzees and lower creatures, meaning that their lives were an accident in time and that there is no meanting to their lives, so what's the use? Do what you want and take what you want. There are no rules.

The liberal run televsion and motion picture industry feeds immorality and violence as the 'cool' way to go. When prayer was kicked out of the schools along with God in 1963, violence immediately came in. Within one year after that insane ruling by the Marxist* courts who had been waiting for this opportunity, crime rose 100%. Now, society is out of control as we are raising a third generation of godless children. *And yes, they were Marxist courts. The first Marxist Socialism orginizational meeting was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1900.

The schools, like the liberal media are there for one reason indoctrinate. The above story was not reported. A couple of weeks before this happened, a young man was jumped and beaten by three teens at the Antioch (California) High School. The student beaten suffered injuries. The school was just going to let the whole thing go by. The boy's stepfather called police, and from there the school had no choice but to rightfully expel the thugs who committed this crime. Again, the media were totally silent.

On that same Black Thursday, a pedophile tried to get on the campus of Trinity Christian School and actually tried to talk to a couple of young girls.  Another report said that the pervert did jump a fence in back of the school, then turned, ran back, and jumped back over the fence when an adult came around a corner.

Ironically, there was a self-defense class based on the martial arts that was taking place at the moment by the combined P.E. classes, taught by Bear Carrillo, head of Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense, in Brentwood. The police were at the campus within minutes after being notified of the pedophile. The martial arts students were rather hoping that they would have a chance to practice their newly acquired skills. Severe security measures are now in place at the school, which will not be revealed until the pedophile tries to return. We have a description of that creep and the car he drives.

Also a 14 year old homosexual kidnapped a little four year old boy, sodomized him and killed him, leaving his body in a clothes dryer, while the public schools are teaching that "gay is OK," try it and see.

Events like this were taking place all over the country....and then, the murderous rampage at Ft. Hood Texas where a "moderate" Muslim opened fire on fellow soldiers who trusted him, killing 13 and seriously wounding 35. And the liberal newspapers breaking the story would not even mention that the killer was a Muslim. They just stated that he was an American citizen who was in the army. It was the internet news that properly detailed this story. The liberal press wants to hide the identity of those who want to kill us.

Time to go on a long walk.


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