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The Right NOT To Kill?

The Right NOT to kill?

Will Barack Obama turn America into an even more brutal killing field than it already is?  Will physicians and nurses and other hospital personnel be allowed to NOT kill unborn babies in an Obama administration?  These are questions which come to mind as the administration of President George W. Bush offiicially released the final rules to protect the freedom of medical providers; albeit very very late in his administration.

Good News Clubs: Teaching children respect, good citizenship, moral values and character development. What's wrong Liberals?

Sometimes, the Davids win victories against the Goliaths and the Good News Clubs won a great victory over the radicals in the education establishment and their comrades in the ranks of the ACLU-types; the Anti-God types, etc. Recently, a federal court ruled against a school district in Williamsburg, Virginia, and in favor of the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Virginia (CEF) and the CEF's Good News Clubs.

Lousiana to the Rescue for Energy

LOUISIANA TO THE RESCUE The Christian Coalition, while sticking to its primary agenda, champions Energy Independence such as the discovery and drilling in new oil and gas deposits as well as developing all other alternatives for cleaner fuels. The Christian Coalition is encouraged by the discovery of what appears to be one of the largest natural gas fields in the world in northwest Louisiana

Guns in Schools

When guns are banned in schools, only the students and the crazed in the community carry them for nefarious purposes. Violence throughout the planet is increasing. School violence is escalating. Assaults on teachers are commonplace. Boys are bolder, girls are growing more aggressive. Angry students in their rage concoct lethal schemes to carry out deplorable plots.

Back to the peanut patch

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is an American embarrassment. He incessantly yearns to be an important player on the world’s stage. Boiled down to the bone, he has been a dismal failure in almost everything he has attempted.

While in the United States Navy he aspired to submarine command. When more qualified candidates prevailed he returned to the peanut farm.

The one place he could get his way was in his hometown church. As the “head deacon” in his Baptist church he pulled rank over all the other deacons and often made the lives of his pastors unbearably difficult. As long as they did as he ordered – all went well. One of his pastors with whom I spent several days, referred to him as a very arrogant and deceptive deacon.

Sow to the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

The four decades-old seeds of Values Clarification (revision of family values) and Situational Ethics (nothing is right or wrong, depends on the situation) sown in the Public School have germinated and burst forth with fruit that manifests itself in a steadily corrupting culture. Biblical standards of morality for our youth, embodied in the Ten Commandments, have been replaced with a “feel good” no holes-barred agenda. Evangelists for America’s united church-state religion, Secular Humanism, have sullied the innocence of an entire generation of young people. Hardcore fundamentalists in that church have driven tested morality from the classroom and left our youth adrift in a roiling sea of Hollywoodish immorality.


My father was a sharecropper all the days of my life until I graduated High School and a few years beyond. When I was six years old we lived in a simple four-room bungalow, complete with a storm house and an out-house, nestled next to a beautiful lake. Except for the lake our farm house was surrounded by woods. It was an idyllic setting for a bare-foot boy with a fishing pole.

Liberals and their Contempt for Diversity

At the time of America’s Founding the nation’s leaders were almost to the man, Christian, but they deliberately chose to establish a secular government to minister in behalf of all the people equally. It was a very friendly disestablishment. The government would be a friend of the Christian religion, but not a religious state. The Reverend John Witherspoon, a Presbyterian preacher, President of Princeton University, and Signer of the Declaration of Independence had a profound effect upon America’s founding. In his sermon, “The Dominion of Providence over the Passion’s of Men” Witherspoon preached, “He is the

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