Biden's Mocking Laughterr, Rudeness, LIES, Define Debate

Biden's Mocking Laughter, Rudeness, LIES, Define Debate

Danville : KY : USA | Oct 11, 2012 at 11:32 PM PDT
Obama Watches Debate
Obama Watches Debate

by Rev. Austin Miles

Paul Ryan representing the Republicans, the real adult in this evening's vice-presidential debate, handled himself with dignity, composure, manners, and respect, while Joe Biden representing the Democrats, with a weird smile glued on his face, belched out mocking laughter at every salient point Ryan made and was insulting.

This, of course, is the methodology of Socialist protesters, to drown out a speaker's words. We would think the Vice President of The United States would be above that.

Your scribe, ever vigilant, counted 82 interruptions as Biden rudely cut off his opponent. When Biden intruded, he raised his voice for the very reason of over-powering Ryan's words so he could not be heard.

Biden, representing the President of The United States, employed such common rudeness that it would be difficult to imagine that members of the Democratic Party would not be totally embarrassed by the way they were represented.

Biden, who is 27 years older than Ryan, acted like an egotistical punk jerk. If there was any polish about him, it would have to be brushed vigorously to stimulate even a shady shine. His arrogance, his smirky look throughout the debate, was so distasteful that this writer at one point yelled at the TV set

Paul Ryan, was a gracious gentleman, showing a depth of understanding of foreign relations and the economy that neither Biden of Obama have a clue about. His own government experience well prepared him for this encounter.

As if Biden's cheap conduct was not enough, he was caught lying, yes, out and out lying, as he tried to cover up Obama's errors. When asked why the Obama Administration insisted that the attacks in Libya, resulting in the deaths of four Americans including our Ambassador Chris Stevens, was the result of a film that angered Muslims when it was clearly defined as a terrorist attack to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11, Biden said that the Intelligence Committee gave him that information. They absolutely did not.

When the question was asked why didn't they supply more security at the Embassy since it was requested several times. Biden emphatically stated that no request was made about additional security as they approach the 9/11 date.

He lied about what Romney has proposed and still insisted that his goal is to give tax breaks to the rich. Not so.

The debate this evening left a clear choice for voters. Which party do you want making vital decisions for America? If it is not obvious, then America is hopeless.

End Note: Obama so loved the poor, he created millions more.