Behind University Expulsion Over Christian Beliefs

Jen Keeton (24) is a brilliant young woman who writes with exquisite English to explain her analysis of various subjects. She entered the Graduate Counselor Education Progam at Augusta State University in Georgia. An excellent student that any university professor or college instructor would be delighted to have in a class,  the Universtiy of Georgia instead booted her from finishing the course and receiving her degree  because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.  Read this story carefully to understand the full significance of this.  

The University insisted that she promote abortion, evolution and gay marriage which clearly would fly in the face of her Christian beliefs. They were especially adamant about the homosexual issues, and demanded that she enter a "Remediation Program" which would include "sensitivity training" on homosexual issues, additional outside study on literature promoting homosexuality and demanded that she attend a "gay pride parade," and then report on it, according to She was instructed to work with GLBTQ (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual-queer) populations and for her to develop a knowledge of homosexuality by reading 10 articles and increase her exposure to homosexuals and lesbians.  Otherwise, they told her, she would be expelled from the program and there would be no credits for her studies. Even though her work was outstanding, it would now all be in vain.  

This is not the first such case. Recent ones include Missouri  State and Michigan State. .TAKE NOTE that these universities and colleges of AmeriKa will not allow anyone to receive a degree unless they obey the government, follow the government agenda and denounce God and Christianity.  This is becoming more and more prevalent since Obama was illegally ushered into The Oval Office. I taught a private college in San Francisco with campus in Sacramento, teaching Russian immigrants English as a Second Language, along with life skills in order to successfully enter emplyment in America.  In San Francisco, all of my students had Ph.Ds...had been successful and wealthy in Russia, but found life there so intolerable that they left literally with only the clothes on their back to come here to begin a new life. None of them believed in God which gave them privileged status in the Communist controlled Soviet Union.**  

At the Sacramento campus, the students there had no degrees, worked only menial jobs.  These were Pentecostal Russians who refused to renounce their faith so were not allowed to even go to University. They were assigned the streets...washing public toilets and when drafted into the Russian Military, they were immediately placed on the front lines.   They had been drawn to Sacramento after hearing broadcasts from a Russian Pentecostal Church. Seeing that one could freely worship in America they came here by the thousands. The training they received from us at the college put them into good jobs and gave them a whole new life.  

 NOW PLEASE HEAR THIS!  Obama who is backed by the CPUSA, (Communist Party USA) has promised free education including University.  HOWEVER he stops there instead of explaining that the exact Soviet Marxist style  is coming to America, unless we wake-up and demand his impeachment and remove him from the office he has illegally occupied. Yes, you will be able to go to college and University long as you teach only what the Marxists instruct you to teach: Socialism, Communism, Atheism, Humanism, Sexual Perversion. Darwimism, Power to The State.

What has happened in Georgia, Missouri and Michigan should give you a clue that Soviet Marxism is advancing in America and they intend to cover this country completely. unless...  Pay close attention.   Every single thing the Obama Administration offers to give us, comes with a "however."  Don't fall for it. This includes those pastors being approached to be on the White House Faith Based staff. Sadly, too many pastors, with the ambition to be famous and powerful have been willing to join Obama's team.

What it really means is that these mis-guided pastors will become a tool of the Marxist Obama Government with an assignment to temper down devoted and believing pastors and their congregations..They would be used to water down, then cut out the core of Christianity.  

Pastors....WAKE UP!  For God's Sake!  Politically Correct pastors today seem to have lost their stirrups and perhaps never really knew what being a minister meant. Most of them. without doubt.  entered the ministry for the wrong reasons. The job description given to us by God, is not what the Obama Marxists are putting into place for preachers .  Please THINK about our vows to God, why we were called to ministry and what our role in the church and society should be.  One thing for sure, It is not about partnering with godless and brutal Communists.  

An aside to Ms. Keeton who found herself under Communist rule and booted from Universtiy for refusing to denounce God.  Please consider applying to a Christian University. They have excellent professional academic programs including psychology and counseling courses. I am certain that they will give you credit for the courses you have already studied. at Georgia State. Who knows. Considering the events, you might even be given a generous grant. Stand firm, Ms. Keeton and may God Bless You.  

**Several of the Russian Students in San Francisco gave their hearts to Jesus including the owner of the college.  

Rev. Austin Miles, a minister-chaplain in the San Francisco Bay Area is doing research for a book, "The History of Communism in Amerika." Visit his website by going to: 

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