Beck's Racist Rally--Really?

Readers, I’ve tried to get this out all day but again, my computer has been hacked and blocked. Obama’s Marxists do not want this story published. They have tried on several occasions to disable my computer and in effect, to silence me. According to today’s “People’s World, ” the Communist paper of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C. at The Lincoln Memorial, was racist and they hijacked the anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech that was given at that location, a day in which people of all colors were welcome and gathered in unity, while Beck’s rally was attended by racist white people. So saith they.

That prompted me to fire off a response to People’s World where it was immediately posted. I have been blocked from cutting and pasting from People’s World, indeed, I cannot even print out the response so I will type it exactly as it appears in the Communist newspaper:

Racist Rally
Please assist. I want to do a story/expose on the racism of the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C.. Please help. Anyone who can provide photos of any signs stating, “Black, Asian & Hispanics Not Allowed To Enter,” will be given photo & video credits. Especially any video showing anyone of color being denied access or entry to the premises of the rally. This will prove to the world what is actually taking place.
Posted by A.Miles
09/02/10-12:30 P.M.
(9 hours ago.

You can see this response by going to People’s World and the story, Glenn Beck-Sound and Fury…..Hurry before they scrub my response.


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