Barack Obama Signs Executive Order Abolishing Mexico City Policy

Barack Obama signs Executive Order abolishing President Ronald Reagan's Mexico City Policy which prohibited international groups  -  such as the infamous Planned Parenthood International  -  which do abortions or promote abortions, from receiving American taxpayers' money.

Late last Friday, was the new president hiding from Americans the fact that more unborn babies will die because he decided to do away with President Ronald Reagan's Mexico City Policy since the White House released a press release late on Friday night?  Not many newspaper readers or television viewers notice news items on Saturday mornings.

Barack Obama signed an executive order -- with no fanfare after newspaper and television network deadlines had passed -- to do away with the Mexico City Policy which prohibited groups like Planned Parenthood International -- that do abortions or promote abortions -- from receiving American tax dollars.

The leader of the Republicans in the United States Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, said about Obama's doing away with President Reagan's Mexico City Policy: "President Obama’s decision to overturn the longstanding Mexico City Policy lifts our prohibition against providing assistance to foreign organizations that perform or promote abortion. I have long supported the Mexico City Policy and believe this administration’s decision to be counter to our nation’s interests.”

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