Bad News For The Assemblies of God!


Bad News for The Assemblies of God!

Lansing : MI : USA | Jan 28, 2013 at 10:59 AM PST
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by Rev. Austin Miles

My strength is returning. I have survived the health crisis. It is no exaggeration to state that the AG wanted me dead and spent thousands of dollars to arrange for that to happen.

Rev. Dave Williams, Pastor of Mount Hope Assemblies of God (AG) in Lansing Michigan preached for my death/murder from his pulpit, with his congregation of 2000 people cheering him on.

That Sunday Service was televised and over the radio. I obtained a copy of the tape. When I filed a complaint with the FCC, I was told there was nothing they could do since this was under Freedom of Religion. I see.

I was booked as a guest at a prominent San Francisco radio station. As usual, when it was announced I would be there, AG cultists jammed the phone lines an hour ahead of the broadcast so nobody else could call in.

I was ready for them and when one misfit called angrily preaching that I was lying, that, by golly, the Assembly of God churches are very loving, the tape was ready and cued up. When it played the jammed phone lines were immediately cleared.

In New York City I was a very well known chaplain. Walking down 8th Avenue, a pack of prostitutes on a corner spotted me. One said, “Hey, I wanna talk to you!” “Shhhh” one of them said, “he’s a preacher.” “I don’t care,” she said as she walked out in front of me. Blocking me on the sidewalk with her hands defiantly on her hips said, “Do you think what we are doing is wrong?”

“First of all, I do not have the authority or right to judge you,” I answered, “There is only one person who will judge you and that is Jesus Christ, and He loves you so much that he died a painful death on the cross so you could be saved by grace.”

This took her by surprise. This tough hooker broke, fell into my arms and wept. “C’mon” I said, “I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.” She gave her heart to Jesus, her entire countenance dramatically changed and she was happy for the first time.

HOWEVER, this new child in Jesus wanted to find a church, wandered over to Glad Tidings Tabernacle Assemblies of God Church on 33rd Street, and sought the pastor, Rev. Stanley R. Berg who was also a Presbyter of the AG. When she told him how she came to Jesus from the street, Pastor Berg said, “That is wonderful. How did this come about?” She said, “Rev. Austin Miles talked to me….”

That is as far as she got. Berg jumped up, glared at her and thundered, “Austin Miles is a name we NEVER want to hear in this church,” abruptly turned his back on her and stormed out of the room leaving her alone and confused.

To her, it was as though God Himself had rejected her. This new woman in Christ….went away and…committed suicide!

This is not the only suicide caused by the AG. There was a young man in Cumberland County College who was suicidal. A classmate who attended First Assembly of God Church in Millville, New Jersey encouraged him to go to church with her. Rev.Gerritt Kenyon (spotlighted in the last story) was doing the service.

Suddenly during a quiet moment following a moving hymn, someone in the congregation burst out in ‘tongues.’ Mrs. Kenyon immediately translated it as a Word From God.

“That is WONDERFUL,” exclaimed the student, “there really IS a God!” “Ah, that’s a bunch of crap,” said his friend, “someone could utter anything and Mrs. Kenyon will interpret it as a word from God.”

“No, that couldn’t be.” “I’ll prove it,” said the girl. When the silent moment came, she jumped up and yelled,“rumacocacola,rumacocacola,rumacocacola.”

Sure enough, Mrs. Kenyon interpreted that as a word from God. Devastated by the fakery, the young man went home from the service and killed himself.

The AG has managed to even corrupt gifted pastors from other denominations. The respected Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego had his office contact me about contributing to a book he would publish about surviving a death experience. My testimony is very powerful.

His editor, Keith Wall called me several times, spending hours of my time going over the copy. Nearing the publication date, Garlow’s office notified me that I should purchase 100 (of the) books to give out. That would have cost several hundred dollars, and I do not pay to see my name in print.

Those persuasive notices came to me right up to the publication date, even though Garlow’s staff knew full well that my piece had been axed from the book. An AG person working for Moody Press had stated that they would not publish the book if my name was in it. They yanked it but still tried to hustle me to buy100 books under the pretense that my story would be in it.

I had preached for a week in the Harrison Presbyterian Church in New York where the gifts of the Holy Spirit were fully displayed. The Pastor, Rev. Don Theobald received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

When I was booked back at the church, the AG went forth to sabotage the engagement. Rev. Theobald answered the phone in his study. “Hello?”

“Rev. Theobald?’


“This is Rev. Winston Schmock, of First Assembly of God Church in White Plains.”

“What can I do for you Rev. Schmuck?”

“The name’s SCHMOCK not Schmuck!.”

“I beg your Pardon. What can I do for you?”

“I want to talk to you about Austin Miles. You don’t want him in your church,” saith he. He then went on to rattle wild stories about me to discourage him from having me there.

When he was finished, Rev. Theobald said, “I appreciate your interest in calling me but we have seen God work through him, and if he is good enough for God, he is good enough for us. But.thank you again for calling me….Rev. SCHMUCK.” And he hung up the phone with a satisfied grin his face. (This story is documented in my book, “Don’t Call Me Brother.”)

For 30 years these rabid pentecostal pit bulls have been nipping at my heels. Time that would have been better served by glorying God.

The AG was hopeful when the continuing stress, like the Chinese water torture, finally resulted in a medical emergency that almost took me out. It is sad news to them that the ‘almost’ wasn’t quite. My heart is back under control, I am regaining my strength and recovering. Sad news indeed for the Assemblies of God.

One is not to express joy that anyone goes to hell screaming in terror. In the case of The Assemblies of God, I will try my best not to.


The reason Rev. Miles is on the AG hit list is explained in previous story, “Rev. Austin Miles Recovering From Heart Condition.” It is also detailed in his best selling book, Don’t Call Me Brother, which can be accessed at your local library. If they do not have a copy, they will order it from another branch.