Back to the peanut patch

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is an American embarrassment. He incessantly yearns to be an important player on the world’s stage. Boiled down to the bone, he has been a dismal failure in almost everything he has attempted.

While in the United States Navy he aspired to submarine command. When more qualified candidates prevailed he returned to the peanut farm.

The one place he could get his way was in his hometown church. As the “head deacon” in his Baptist church he pulled rank over all the other deacons and often made the lives of his pastors unbearably difficult. As long as they did as he ordered – all went well. One of his pastors with whom I spent several days, referred to him as a very arrogant and deceptive deacon.

As President of the United States he was a colossal failure. Interest rates double-digited and the economy tanked. One of his most egregious mistakes was giving away the Panama Canal. When the Chinese or some other power takes this vital gateway and restricts the flow of commerce we will see the far reaching implications of this presidential debacle.

We owe our present dilemma in Iran to the silly naivete of this commonsense challenged former president. He delighted in pulling the rug from under the Shah of Iran and encouraged the Ayatollah Khomeini to take control. He deliberately traded Persian leadership for a radical Moslem who has designs for a world ruled by Muslims. This strategic blunder is Carter’s legacy and may well plunge the world into a war of unimaginable horror.

Jimmy Carter, foolishly thinking he is a statesman, is preparing a trip to the terrorist state of Syria to negotiate with the terrorist organization, Hamas. What effrontery! He and his wife were shown on television news recently standing in the rain with an umbrella over their heads. What a pathetic picture! He really believes he is important to the world’s salvation. I know its difficult to do, but he embarrasses liberals.

History has to be exhaustively researched to find a more muddled and meddlesome opportunist. This “pathetic American” should return to the peanut patch and do all of us a favor by staying there.

Written by: Dr. Billy McCormack, Vice-President and Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Christian Coalition of America.

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