Atheists relentless in trying to expunge God from public square

Congressman Steve King reacted last week to the atheists' attempt to ensure that our nation's motto, "In God We Trust," and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag are not permanently engraved in the new Capitol Hill Visitors Center (CHVC). Congressman King said: "This lawsuit is another attempt by liberal activists to rewrite history and deny that America's Judeo-Christian heritage is an essential foundation stone of our great nation."

Christian Coalition of America has been at the forefront in the fight to include references to our great Judeo-Christian heritage in the beautiful -- although way-over-budget -- Capitol Visitors Center. It is disappointing that those in charge of setting up the exhibitions in the CHVC neglected to include much of our Christian heritage. Indeed, they even had what they thought was our nation's motto prominently displayed in the visitors' center: E Pluribus Unum. Unfortunately, these historians did not know that our nation's motto is "In God We Trust."

Once Senator Jim DeMint, from my state of South Carolina, and Congressman Dan Lungren from California, introduced legislation to force the Architect of the Capitol to engrave -- in very prominent positions at the entrance of the U.S. Capitol Building visitors center -- "In God We Trust" and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and once both Members of Congress got this legislation passed by their respective chambers, the atheist groups got involved.

Late last week, on July 17th, "The Washington Times" reported that the "Freedom From Religion Foundation" filed a lawsuit just days earlier in the U.S. District Court in western Wisconsin claiming that engraving the words and the pledge on the government structure "will give actual and apparent government endorsement and advancement of religion" and at the same time exclude nonreligious Americans.

Congressman Lungren called the atheists' lawsuit: "patently absurd." Senator DeMint said in "The Washington Times" article that omitting the motto "In God We Trust" represented "a complete and unacceptable whitewash of our national faith heritage."

The overwhelming majority of the American people agree with Senator DeMint and Congressman Lungren, and the federal judge should immediately throw out this frivolous lawsuit.


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These atheists probably don't believe in leperchauns either... but for some odd reason you don't see them picketing Boston beer halls on St. Patrick's day. These attempts are quite common, from what I read... it seems every few years there are mysteriously passionate atheists making a symbolic protest about "In God We Trust".

One of their points is that in American culture, the word "god" capitalized like that as a proper noun, refers to a specific deity, namely the Biblical God. They say the government is supporting one religious view over the others. I can agree with that 100%, and I think folks ought to just get over it... and get used to it.

And look.... it's not that these guys believe God is imaginary... it's the god they believe is threatening them that's imaginary... and they have a good point. As I listen to them talk... read what they say... they convince me that they believe in an imaginary god. They're angry at it, rebellious and resentful.... like the guy who becomes an atheist because God let his child die. He says he doesn't believe in God? Why isn't he angry at Santa Claus? He probably doesn't believe in Santa either...

There are all sorts of things one can believe in. I swear, sometimes I think people can convince themselves of absolutely anything. As you look around the globe all through history, you see people worshipping everything from golden calves to dung beatles. Call it what you will, and doubt it if you like... but the revelation that "God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth" is a step up from praying to farm animals.

Atheists should understand the motto "In God We Trust" before they oppose it. Tell me. How can you handle money all your life and not understand the irony? It is saying... "this is legal tender of the USA... we don't trust in it". You might think that would be right up the alley of a liberal atheist/humanist... but noooooo... They're all in a miff about it.

Danged idjits







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