Another ObamaCare surprise: new regulations could end insurance for over one million people

As the weeks and months have passed since ObamaCare was signed into law, Nancy Pelosi's comment that "we have to pass it so we can find out what's in it" comment makes her out to be more of a prophet every day.  The devil truly is in the details, as they say.

The latest surprise is the fact that about one million low-income Americans could lose their health insurance coverage by September because some of its provisions will make it illegal (or at least impossible) to offer some limited benefits plans to the public.  (via Politico)

Part of the health care overhaul due to kick in this
September could strip more than 1 million people of their insurance coverage, violating a key goal of President Barack Obama’s reforms.

Under the provision, insurance companies will no longer be able to apply broad annual caps on the amount of money they pay out on health policies. Employer groups say the ban could essentially wipe out a niche insurance market that many part-time workers and retail and restaurant employees have come to rely on.

This market’s limited-benefit plans, also called mini-med plans, are priced low because they can, among other things, restrict the number of
covered doctor visits or impose a maximum on insurance payouts in a
year. The plans are commonly offered by retail or restaurant companies
to low-wage workers who cannot afford more expensive, comprehensive

Depending on how strictly the administration implements the
provision, the ban could in effect outlaw the plans or make them so
restrictive that insurance companies would raise rates to the point
they become unaffordable.

“If the limits are too restrictive, these products are not going to be able to be in the marketplace because that’s what makes them affordable,” said Jessica Waltman, senior vice president of government affairs at the National Association of Health Underwriters, which represents insurance agents and brokers.

So in other words, ObamCare will make it illegal for insurance companies to offer a product that segments of the public want to purchase and, more importantly, can afford to purchase.  Brilliant!

And while we take all this in, let's also remember that this bill was pushed through Congress (against the will of the American people) by a President who campaigned on the promise that more people would be covered, and that you would be able to keep your current plan if you wanted to.

Of course that's a little hard to do when new government rules regulate the plan you're "happy" with out of existence.

Bottom line?  More people lining up to be covered by the government at the end of the day.  All part of the plan.


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