An American Boycott

I thought about this for a long time and all the supports and friends within our Network is past time for a boycott against China Products, The Arabic Nations Oil, The United Nations Funding Needs, and any other country that has moved to replace the American Currency as the World Currency.
 The Name George Soros seems to turn up in places you it would not seem to think he was there. This video..
 Now no one stated this will happen but its better to be safe then sorry....
Publisher, S&A Research
From  Stansberry & Associates Investment Research has released a News Update...
 ....talked about the riches men in the soon as he said George the very same time my mind was searching for his name, because this is his kind of work...To force the American People into some sorted New World Order Concept. George Soros must be using Pharmaceutical Narcotics...because he is full of himself.
 Supporting News:
By Marin Katusa, Casey Research
There's a major shift under way, one the US mainstream media has left largely untouched even though it will send the United States into an economic maelstrom and dramatically reduce the country's importance in the world: the demise of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.
For decades the US dollar has been absolutely dominant in international trade, especially in the oil markets. This role has created immense demand for US dollars, and that international demand constitutes a huge part of the dollar's valuation. Not only did the global-currency role add massive value to the dollar, it also created an almost endless pool of demand for US Treasuries as countries around the world sought to maintain stores of petrodollars. The availability of all this credit, denominated in a dollar supported by nothing less than the entirety of global trade, enabled the American federal government to borrow without limit and spend with abandon.
The dominance of the dollar gave the United States incredible power and influence around the world… but the times they are a-changing. As the world's emerging economies gain ever more prominence, the US is losing hold of its position as the world's superpower. Many on the long list of nations that dislike America are pondering ways to reduce American influence in their affairs. Ditching the dollar is a very good start.
and in Canada a few weeks ago and there were places that did not accept US dollars...found in comment page:
Economist Paul Samuelson and others (including, at his death, Milton Friedman) have maintained that the overseas demand for dollars allows the United States to maintain persistent trade deficits without causing the value of the currency to depreciate or the flow of trade to readjust. But Samuelson stated in 2005 that at some uncertain future period these pressures would precipitate a run against the U.S. dollar with serious global financial consequences.[1]
China and Japan Abandon U.S. Dollar as a Means of Trade 

9 foreign countries where you can use U.S. dollars

British Virgin Islands
Much like neighboring U.S.V.I., the British Virgin Islands employ the U.S. dollar as their official currency. This connection makes travel between the two island groups especially seamless—and gives the B.V.I. its reputation as a well-established tax haven. Don't have millions in corporate profits to shore up? You can still find a haven of sorts at the Baths on Virgin Gorda; this unusual rock formation is one of our favorite secret Caribbean attractions (and, aside from the swaying palms, it's a lot less shady).
I am still troubled over the amount of spending at around $109 Trillion Dollars
Spending per year best guess at numbers...
according to statements by Political Officials they bring in only $3 Trillion Tax Dollars Per Year at around $33 Trillion in 11 years..
   $109 Trillion
-   $33 Trillion
  $73 Trillion - in the far as we know
 The News is spreading fast...
Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 7:24 PM
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I do not have the money to buy gold, and even if I did I would not buy the gold this Government has bought up. Odds are the market value will not go up, and you will lose money.
 Simple things to do, save up you coins... the value of the coin will grow or stay the same.
 from the half dollar to the penny
 collect old coins
 now this if things go bad will make good wiping paper or to start up your fire place.
 Now to make it clear, no one said this will happen, its more a 50% - 50% per cent chance we will see something take place.
Also buy seeds for food, grow your own....because I went into BiLo and  I was charged $3.09 for a Loaf of Bread,,,I said no...a gallon of milk was close to $4 to $6.00 per gallon.... depending on which brand.
 Just say no and let the stuff rot on the shelf......
 Buy only American Gas...
 Buy only American Made Items.....
 In one month you will see a six will see a one year you will see these countries back paddle.....
 The Health Care Bill...just say no. I stand against it because of Abortion and Pharmaceutical Narcotics is paid for with the system...
This is not a Tea Party Boycott, Democrat Boycott, or Republican is by all means An American Boycott.
 I for one will make a stand you have the right to do as you please....
This is only  a few ideas, more will be most welcome...
 I must be off to other site I have over 136 to up date....this posting may be shared...there is no copy right for doing the right thing...
 One last note...if we do not boycott these countries this good old USA could fall into this area of Civil War that so may War Mongers want, and millions of people will die....