Is America Ready for the Democrats' Socialism?

American voters voted for "change" when they voted in Barack Obama as president and increased their Senate majority by an incredible 7 seats assuming that the clown, Al Franken, wins his court challenge to become the next Senator from Minnesota.  The Democrats also increased their majority in the House of Representatives by about 23 seats. 

However, when the crushing deceleration of the American economy kicks in  --  assuming the Democrats do indeed fulfill their promises and pass their left-wing (socialistic) agenda  --  the American people might quickly come to regret they voted in such "change."   Americans had buyers' remorse after 4 years of the economy-wrecking policies instituted by the left-wing Jimmy Carter.  Likewise, they had buyers' remorse after only 2 years of Bill Clinton's left-wing policies which gave Americans the largest tax increase in American history.

In each of these cases, the American people voted in change in the person of Ronald Reagan in 1980 in his landslide defeat of Carter and in the person of Newt Gingrich, as his conservative troops picked up over 50 new seats and took control in the House of Representatives just 2 years after Clinton assumed office. 

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell laid out in an interview on ABC yesterday just what the Democrats are attempting to do which could ultimately lead to their downfall once again.  Senator McConnell said about the Democrats' proposed 'stimulus" legislation:  "This is an enormous bill.  It could be close to a $1 trillion spending bill.  Do we want to do it with essentially no hearings, no input, for example, in the Senate from Republican senators who represent half of the American population?  I don't think that's a good idea." 

He added that the Democrats should not rush to pass a bill which will spend up to one trillion, with a "t", of Americans' tax dollars by the time Obama is sworn in as president just 15 days from now:   "No, it [finishing the bill by January 20] shouldn't be done.  I don't think that they even seriously can defend, and I don't think my friend Dick Durbin was defending, doing this without bipartisan consideration.  And I -- you know, this was, I think, the Democrats in Congress’ idea, not the president's idea, to have it on his desk by January 20th.  That's just not a practical thing to do.” 

Senator McConnell warned the Democrats by saying:  “What the Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) said last year with regard to stimulus packages I think makes sense -- timely, and temporary, and targeted.  Do we in the name of stimulus want to make long-term, systemic changes that will affect spending every single year?”

The Democrats clearly have another major decision to make during the next few weeks regarding whether or not they want to emulate the failed policies of Jimmy Carter during his 4 years and of Bill Clinton during his first 2 years.  If they choose to follow the Carter/Clinton model, they could quickly be put out to pasture yet again by the American people two years and four years from now. 

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