Alternatives to ObamaCare

I asked for Christians to come up with a better plan a couple of weeks ago, but got no response.  Why?

I have some ideas:

- Allow for a high risk pool, like we have for auto insurance, so people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance.

- Allow health insurance companies to sell across state lines.  This would allow people to choose their plans and by having a larger group to sell to, would decrease premiums.

- If they don't want to do a high risk pool, why not allow people who have been denied insurance three or more times to be able to BUY INTO the current plans government employees have now.

- Prevent insurance companies from denying or non-renewing coverage to small businesses when an employee gets sick.

These options wouldn't break the bank, and would solve many of the problems we have now.

Why can't we propose an alternative to Obamacare?  Is it just because you're so angry with Obama that you want to see him fail?  Then you aren't a Christian!  This isn't all about Obama - it's about the MILLIONS of American Citizens that cannot get a doctor to see them, and the dozens that die every day because they lack health care.  My son is one of those - AND HE HAS A FULL-TIME JOB!  No doctor will see him because they know his care will be expensive, and he has no insurance.  I own a small business, but I can't get insurance for ANY of my employees because of 1) my son's health issues; and 2) one of my best employees had a cancer scare five years ago.  Every insurance company licensed in my state has denied coverage for ALL of my employees if I have either of them on the policy.

Last week I had dinner with a friend of mine, who brought a childhood friend of hers who was visiting after the death of her husband.  He had cirrhosis of the liver, but was denied a liver transplant because of his drinking - yet, it was well documented in his records that HE DOESN'T DRINK!  They later found out it was exposure to certain chemicals at his job.  They still continued to deny him, so his Church and community got together for fundraisers, but it was too late.  He died three months ago.

Something has to change!  See my blog for other friends of mine that are suffering due to our current state of health care.  PLEASE, let's come up with our own MORAL plan!!

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