AG Preaches 'Death to Rev. Austin Miles.' See Link

AG Preaches 'Death to Rev. Austin Miles.' See Link

Lansing : MI : USA | Feb 07, 2013 at 9:03 AM PST
Photo Courtesy of Mt. Hope Assemblies of God Church
Rev. Dave Williams Preaches Death to Rev. Austin Miles. Notice The Deceptive Friendly Face.


Photo Courtesy of Mt. Hope Assemblies of God Church


by Rev. Austin Miles

For 35 years, I have received at least one hate letter from The Assemblies of God and their brain-washed followers every day. Like the AG with whom they are affiliated, "Women's AGLOW", the silk stockinged high heel brigade ready to march, sent me vicious letters, as instructed by their masters. One came to our P.O. Box and I read it as my wife was driving me to a preaching engagement. When she saw the expression on my face as I opened it, she took the letter, glanced at it and tore it up. Yep, from these so very sweet li'l women with the big smile who 'jest want to serve Jeeeesus.' These misguided women are AGLOW alright. Their GLOW reflects the fires of Hell.

Mt. Hope Assemblies of God church in Lansing, Michigan was upset that I had appeared on The Geraldo Show with a former member of their church whose marriage had been purposely wrecked by them.. His wife wanted to tithe and give additional financial donations to that cult and its pastor, Rev. Dave Williams. Her husband, who did not believe in what that church represents, wanted to put a stop to it. He worked hard for his money and didn't want most of it going to them.

The church then swung into action, skillfully sabotaged their marriage which ultimately ended in divorce. With her husband out of the way, they would have free reign to the money they wanted. Once they had split up the married couple, the church brought suitable men into the wife's life and promoted adulterous sex between them, even giving them a location to do so. Finally a choice would be made which man she was to marry when the divorce was finalized..

Her husband's life was ruined, leaving him with a broken heart and in shambles. The Detroit Free Press got on it and front-paged a series of stories about this church's role in tearing apart a marriage for their own profit. One reporter I talked to actually staked out the location furnished by the church, where the arranged trysts would be carried out...and she personally saw the arranged lovers go in and out during the night. This was all reported and on record.

I brought the husband to New York to be on the Geraldo Show with me. Following the telecast, a sermon broadcast on TV and radio by Rev. Dave Williams of Mt. Hope Assembly of God Church, suggested that someone murder me for 'the sake of the Gospel.' Following that sermon,, the husband was walking down a street in Detroit, a pickup truck with a couple of male members of the cult spotted him, and tried to force him into an alley where they planned to kill him. He managed to escape.

The tape below is of that broadcast on January 17,1991. I took a copy of it to FCC. They said there was nothing they could do to stop it since that came under the protection of "Religious Freedom." Perhaps that law should be reexamined.

The link begins with the elaborate introduction of the service. We then edited right to the volatile sermon suggesting my death, then segues to the sweet talking Pastor Dave Williams with such deeeep sincerity compelling sinners to come down front and be "saved." Remember, that gentle, loving, good 'ole boy voice is the same voice screaming for my death earlier in that service while his robotic congregation cheered their approval.

This is not the only such sermon preached against me from the Assemblies of God-lessness pulpits. They also regularly bash the Catholic Church. It must be added, with appreciation, that the Catholic Church is one church who would not attack me.

A church that promotes sin such as adultery in order to tear apart a marriage for their advantage, a church that preaches, not love (as they state to the world that they do), but hatred, preaches for someone's murder and partners with an atheist to carry out that threat, and a church that demands strict obedience to its leaders is a deceptive cult that must be placed on the list of Hate Organizations.

A thoroughly confused Jack Van Impe stated on his telecast "Why Pastor Dave Williams is the greatest Christian in the world!" What? I contacted Van Impe to tell him about Rev. Dave Williams and wanted to send him the tape of his sermon calling for my death, Van Impe arrogantly ignored my call.

The tape you are about to hear was cued up and ready when I appeared on KNBR in San Francisco. As usual, whenever it was announced I would be a guest, AG people would jam the phone lines an hour ahead of the broadcast so nobody else could get in.

During the interview an AG nut called to say that I was lying, by golly, that the Assemblies of God is an organization of love and preach sermons about love, not hate. I countered, "Here is an example of the love of The Assemblies of God," and Immediately we played the tape of hate thundered by Pastor Dave Williams urging his followers to kill me. The callers who tied up the lines to blast me quickly hung up. Go to link below to hear it.

Editor's Note:
Rev. Dave Williams served as a national general presbyter for the Assemblies of God, assistant district superintendent, executive presbyter, regent for North Central Bible College (now North Central University), and as a national missions board member. He is in the leadership of the AG. He IS the Assemblies of God