Advisory! Obama NOT President Until January 21

Advisory! Obama NOT President Until January 21

Washington : DC : USA | Dec 02, 2012 at 5:56 PM PST
Photo Coutesy of The Connecting Link
Vladimir Lenin Russia Communist Leader 1917-1923


Photo Coutesy of The Connecting Link

by Rev. Austin Miles

"Socialized Medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialist State."
Vladimir Lenin: Russian Communist Leader 1917-1923

WASHINGTON,DC (12/2/12) Obama is not officially President of the U.S. UNTIL that position is validated at the swearing in ceremony on January 21, 2013. Until that time, he is not.

This means that there is still time to prevent that from taking place. He cannot be impeached because he is not a legitimate 'president.' He was NOT born in America, which is a requirement for that office. He was born in Kenya. He spent two million dollars for lawyers to block that information.

This inconvenient fact was printed in the Kenya newspaper, retrieved by us from the archives of that paper. Since then, that Kenyan website has been scrubbed of all information regarding him.

Yes, he was born in Kenya and we have the birth certificate sent from Kenya to prove it. He was not born in Hawaii even though he is going there for a very expensive (to taxpayers) 20 day vacation over Christmas, beginning on Dec. 17th; at a time when America is in crisis, due to his deliberate failed policies. Read that carefully-deliberate failed policies.

And, by the way, because it is forbidden for a Muslim to ride in a vehicle with a dog, Bo, his dog (at our expense), will go on a separate private plane. Yes, Obama is a Muslim and wears a ring to prove it.

If impeachment proceedings were instituted, it would validate everything he has done and all of that would remain. If he is removed from the office as an ineligible president, that would invalidate every appointment, every law he passed, and every Supreme court nominee. Every thing he did would immediately become null and void.. Yes, that will be a mess, but it must be done to save the America.we love and the future of our children and grandchildren.

We must force the spineless Republicans to do their job and REMOVE him from office due to fraud, ineligibility to hold that office, derelict of duty, lying to the public, deceit, misusing his power (like pushing through Obamacare without Congress voting on the issue, and, most important of all, for TREASON.

He has constantly empowered our enemies by bowing down to Muslim leaders. He failed to send protection to our Embassy in Benghazi, even though they pleaded for it, resulting in the deaths of four Americans including our Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Then Obama lied to those who requested information, refusing to identify the Muslim killers on that September 11th anniversary attack. He stated to the U.N. and told UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, to say on numerous TV programs that this was a spontaneous uprising over an "anti-Muslim" video (for which Obama and Hillary Clinton profusely apologized [for] to those enemies with paid ads (with our money) on AlJazeera TV) even though it was clearly known, by those who watched it unfold in the Situation Room, that it was a carefully orchestrated attack by Al Queda, to 'celebrate' the anniversary of 9-11.

What is worse, there is information with photos to show that Obama was in the Situation room and saw the real time attacks taking place.He knew exactly what happened and by whom.

It is to be pointed out that after the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans who faithfully served our country, Obama immediately left for a trip to Las Vegas to play, party and campaign for his second term rather than stay and deal with a horrific crime against our country. Protect our Country and our Constitution? Never on Obama's fraudulent watch.

Let us be clear. Obama was NOT voted into office. There was so much voter fraud that it cannot all be listed here. However, Google 'Voter Fraud' for numerous specific documented cases all over the U.S. One hundred forty four thousand in Ohio alone.

He has used numerous Executive Orders to by-pass Congress to further his agenda to turn America into a Muslim-Communist Nation. He maneuvered outside Congress to push through his Obamacare law (see Lenin quote above).

He plans to use an executive order to make himself the permanent Dictator of America just as his pal, Mohammed Morsi recently Egypt. This is why his second term was so desperately sought to the point of 'making sure' it happened.

Obama's war against Christianity, Jesus and God Himself is obvious. His Thanksgiving address to the nation AGAIN lacked any mention of God (while wearing his Muslim ring with this inscription, "There is one God-Allah."). Indeed he has not mentioned God on that Christian Holiday the entire four years he has sat in the Oval Office. He is the only President (so-called) in History who has refused to mention the name of God in a Thanksgiving Day Address.

He has mandated that the name Jesus or God cannot be spoken at military base chapels or funeral services. The military person who presents the flag to grieving family members cannot say, "God Bless You" as he or she does so. However, gay marriages can be performed in the chapels .Indeed, yesterday, the first same-sex 'marriage' ceremony was held in the beautiful,Cadet Chapel, in West Point, presided over by a senior Army chaplain!

Yet nobody can bring bibles, or crosses to family members in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. That is forbidden by the Obama Administration.

And bear in mind that Muslim chaplains can freely pray in the name of Allah. But Christian chaplains cannot pray in the name of Jesus.

What We Must Do: Demand that all Republicans in D.C. immediately begin proceedings to take him out of office. Speaker of the House John Boehner MUST begin without delay. January 21st is not far away.

What the Churches MUST Do: Preachers, this is demanded of you. Take back your pulpits and renew yourself to God. Get on your knees and repent for handling the Word of God carelessly. Preach the full uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ, That is our job.

The churches are emptying out because of abandoning the truth of Jesus for a people-pleasing "everybody-goes-to-heaven lie that offers a false, easy Christianity, for those with' itching ears,' instead of a deeply committed Christianity that gives great strength to all who practice it plus strength for the entire community.

The preachers and the churches were the root of the very success of the U.S. in the beginning. And they are the root of getting The United States of America back up and running. Pastors must re-commit themselves.

For further information as to the urgency of immediate action, see this video sent by Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) regarding the Muslim Connection to Obama: Prepare to be shocked:

For even more startling information on Obama, see this story, "How Will History Judge Obama?" click on or Cut and paste link below:

Think of the crazy weather patterns, one disaster after another, violence, shootings in schools and universities, mass murders for no reason, This shows that because of our sins, encouraged by Obama, God is lifting His Hand from protecting us. We need His Hand back upon us. What would God tell us to do?

If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:1

This is the last warning. January 21st will soon be upon us. You know what do do.

Distribute this to all social media and personal blogs and take action. The clock is ticking.