9.9% unemployment and the difference between wisdom and information.

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I am not discounting the importance of data or fact that have been processed into information.

The newest data is that unemployment is now at 9.9%; fireandreamitchell.com adds to this information that many of those who have found work have not found sustainable work. Re-quoting, "The government says the hiring of 66,000 temporary government workers to conduct the census helped overall payroll growth last month," from NBC.

During a time of increasing unemployment creating Government jobs seems like a reasonable method to stop unemployment. Keynesian economics, (while being blind to effects of Government employment on private enterprise), goes directly after the symptom of unemployment. The problem is unemployment is not the cause of unemployment. If farmers don't have crops to harvest the solution is not to place produce on the ground to keep the busy. As data shows, merely giving the unemployed something to do at tax payer expense does not turn around the economy.

The problem is that businesses need to deliver product and when they operate they need to hire people. The problem is that business are having a hard time under the atmosphere which is being created in part by Obama.

B. Simmons provides a preponderance of evidence about the anti-capitalist nature of Obama. If you need to hear it out of Obama's own mouth here is a video.

Many people get jobs because they need money. Capitalism works by providing capital to enterprises that can make money. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and you no longer have golden eggs.

What is the difference between wisdom and information. Information is the act of knowing something. Wisdom is acting on the information you have discovered to be true.

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