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The Great Bailout Fiasco of 2008


I have been on edge since the first mention of bailouts for the financial world. Now we see how the first 350 billion was used to buy oup the competeing banks not to pay off bad debt. Now the auto corporation see what a great thing that was and they want a cut of the pie. I agree the economy needs shoring up. It needs it in the area of jobs. We need to shore up our infrastruture. Create jobs for the everyday joe who pays taxes and we will see the economy turn around when peopkle are able to take care of their families instead of worrying wher the next meal is coming from.

Experience vs. Charisma

When did we loose our resect for the older experienced wiser generation. I heard a young woman's comment on one of the news channels. She said all she sees when she sees McCain is old. Well my young friend all I see when I see Obama is inexperience.

We have one more day to wake up and really see where this country is headed and as Christians make sure we vote for the principles and not just change for the sake of change. We might end up with a change we will regret for decades to caome.

Pastor Bonnie

Dare To Tell The Truth

I am so disheartened at all the retoric about the economy. All the major networks work on fear and scare tactics. I really don't know who to believe. I understand we are in serious times. I would just like to hear one report that smacks of reliable truth. Know what I mean?

America Need's Prayer:

IN times like these we need to make sure we are a voice of incouragement and not negatives. I know there sre many voices clamoring to be heard in this election and in the economy. I want to be one who says this is the greatest country in the world she is going through some tough times but she will come back. I am praying for this country of ours and ask all who read this to pray to. When voices of wisdom prevail a country will prosper.


Sarah Palin

I have been following the news on all the major networks. I am very disappointed in the coverage. Gov. Palin has been down played as not being crediable, or ready to lead this country. It's time that the news media stops it's blitz on Sarah Palin and start reporting what is not only news but believable news. Bonnie2

Voter registration

I want to encourage all who read these blogs to set up a voter registration table. At your church or super market wherever you feel comfortable. I ran mine at our church and recieved great response and people were so glad to have some clarification on issues. So get goin, it is so easy.

Bailout concerns

I am concerned about the decision to bailout all these finacial institutions. I know ultimately God is in control however he wants us to use the wisdom He gave us. Is theis the best for our contry?


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