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Put your Pastors Feet to the Fire

In hopes to educate fellow Christians, I have begun my own Ministry, dedicated to the millions who suffer in silence for their unwaivering belief in Christ, the persecuted. Earlier this month I learned 79 year old Shuang Shuying, held in a Chinese prison, had been desperately holding out hope to see her beloved husband once more before he passed away. Chinese authorities refuse to let her visit with her gravely ill husband, even though she is scheduled to be released fairly soon.
This is one of the numerous prayer updates that my ministry discusses. I believe all Christians have a responsibility to aid their fellow believers who face the injustice of brutal oppression for Christ. The persecuted risk their mortal lives for a service most of us have a hard time staying awake for. I am convinced that their plight puts important perspective on our blessed freedom.

Look at ourselves

King Obama and his legion of flying monkeys are rapidly digesting the individual freedoms Americans were once cognizant of; freedom that outweighed the comfortable bubble in which we want Big Government to provide. Americans have become so hyper sensitive to the slightest discomfort, that we have invited the wolf in, just to get him to stop blowing on the door.
Over the past week I've witnessed Obama distribute our hard earned tax dollars to pregnant women abroad, in order to kill their unwanted babies, thus relieving them from any punishment that might occur with an unwanted child. Obama now wants a mere trillion more to stimulate our sagging economy; if tax payer funded abortions for Mexican women are any indication of where our money might end up, I think I'll pass.

Christian Nation, subtle destruction

Thou King of the queers?” exclaims Pontius Pilate. What? No, not
the Pilate from the scriptures that so many Christians hold so dear,
but Terrance McNally's Pilate from the twisted scripts of Corpus
Christi, the homosexual mockery of Christ's life. I must inquire,
would McNally have the stones to portray Muhammad in such a
blasphemous light?

We The People

“ Without
virtue, Liberty is wasted '.... Mark Moore

we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people
under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become
happy." ....Thomas Jefferson

Disproportionate fear

Canada launches missile attack on U.S and kill seven in Detroit, Obama refuses comment, Nicolas Sarkozy worries U.S might respond with disproportionate force, Oprah yet to weigh in.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment, at least the part about the Canadian missile launch, now let’s talk about the two Israelis killed Monday night by Gaza militants (i.e. Terrorist). As Israel continued its third day of aerial assaults, a terrified Israeli woman searched desperately for shelter from one of the countless Hamas missile strikes; the warning siren didn’t sound soon enough to provide her with safety, she would later die, a casualty to shrapnel wounds. The other unfortunate death was a defense soldier killed in a mortar attack.

What have we done?

I sat happily, in my turkey induced sedation, with a toasty fire warming my face; slipping in and out of consciousness watching the 24 hour Christmas Story marathon. I am, as many Christian Americans are, oblivious to the struggle of our brethren . In China, host of the 2008 Olympics, ten women in Yucheng county were escorted to jail for reenacting the nativity scene. Unlike our country, where the Christian religion is merely mocked by pseudo-enlightened liberals, China’s treatment of the Lord’s children is brutal and painfully severe.

Bush in Review (part One)

The President is winding down a turbulent eight year ride, on the bus, in front of the bus, and ultimately under the bus. President Bush has been a convenient punching bag and the butt of a joke that never grows old. The dust will settle and all the present Hollywood wienies will hang up their soap boxes and return to the comfort of their multi-million dollar mansions in Malibu. Retiring in safe comfort, afforded by the blood of the patriots they so viciously criticized. Their fate will eventually reside on the back of a DVD box in the $5.00 grab bin at Wal-Mart. President Bush, however, might finally receive the credit he deserves.

Liberal Media

To say the media coverage of the Republican candidates is unfair, equates to calling the housing crisis a bit disturbing. I am not sure which is more appalling, the blatantly biased media, or the people who believe it. Modern journalism is the most dangerous medium on Earth, anybody who argues that, just might be a fool. Time and time again the media can be counted on to down play conservative achievements and kneel to the alter of liberalism. What if their new
empty suit, Barack Obama, was a conservative?

When Barack Obama referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person the gutless American media timidly raised it's head, then quickly inserted it back to the bottom of McCain's trash barrell shlepping for dirt. If Obama had been a conservative, journalist would march out of the wood work, interviewing everyone from his kindergarten classmates to his poor old grandmother.

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