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Shut up. Go Home

The audacity of you peasant slobs, shut your mouth and go home, how dare you question the supreme ruler, Barack Obama. Be afraid, both democrat and republican, be very afraid. The President Of The United States truly believes that he transcends the mere office he holds. He believes that he is a ruler.

Barack Obama will transform his deviant gang of thugs, ACORN, into the very same brown shirts that did Hitlers bidding. It's begun, he will infest America's town hall meetings with throw away bullies, because he wants violence, he is daring you. The currant administration have turned their back on us all, they relish the thought of these meeting turning bloody. That will create the crisis they need to implement more control.

Obama's Legion of flying Monkey's from Hollywood

They gather in the cool midnight air, circling the clouds, their brilliantly white capped teeth reflecting in the moonlight; right now they cast aside the temptation to judge their peers expensive face jobs, and focus on the task at hand, defending the messiah, lord Barack Obama. This legion of primates are indigenous to the land of Hollywood, closely related to the homosapien, only separated by a euphoric elitist psychosis and an innate hatred traditional values.

Stealing America

As our Supreme Court awaits the inevitable implementation of left wing social activist Sotomayor, I ask myself, "How much of this can we take? They are stealing America." This tragedy is not unlike a violent car crash; your in the drivers seat, gripping the wheel, the tires are screeching, your life flashes before your eye's, and no matter which way you pull the wheel your still being sucked straight into a giant Oak tree. Earlier this week, President Obama unjustly implied that the Cambridge police officer who arrested his friend, did so out of racial motivation, then the President convinced us that we were making a big fuss over nothing when it was proven that he was dead wrong.

Black VS White: The politics of racism

During President Obama's latest infomercial, an endless diatribe of over-inflated answers laden with the usual propaganda about healthcare, we witnessed the politics of racism. A softball question at the end of the night, with which the media and the citizenry were to be led on a diversion from the disastrous health care takeover, was thrown. When the president was asked about the recent event, in which a Harvard professor was arrested at his own home, the President ridiculed the Cambridge officers as being stupid, suggesting racial profiling.

Away with Washington's Waste

The federal government and more than enough of our state representatives have failed us, they need to go. In the event you might have been in a coma for the last 100 years, and still believe that our elected officials are anything other than a corrupt ego-maniacal gaggle of thieves, let me enlighten you. From the original bastion of moral inequity Ted Kennedy, to uber sinner Chris "Countrywide" Dodd, right on up to our smiling dolt of a Vice President and ultimately the President, this government needs to be purged, now!

They are lying to us, they are destroying the republic that was so carefully constructed by our founders, and implementing a communist regime that will keep it's control by the barrel of a gun. Our children are exiting the womb, into a society that argues education, healthcare, housing, and employment are all basic rights. People are being born owing the state, they are in debt to the federal government before leaving the hospital.

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Ignorant in Connecticut

This week, in the armpit of Connecticut, Torrington, a small group of people gathered at the local park for a planned tea party. And sure as rotten food attracts flies, the tea party people were joined by protesters from the "left", or so the local paper exclaims. With out wasting much precious time the ugliness and ignorance ignited, any time you have a group of alleged white folk together, you know it has something to do with racism.

The local paper reported this extravaganza as a protest between Obama supporters and Obama bashers, typical. As a resident of Connecticut, I can attest to the utter ignorance and over abundance of uninformed people. If your against Obama, you must be a racist, this is by design. Instead of illuminating the outrageous expenditures of our out of control government, these parties have been marginalized and reduced to anti-Obama rallies.

America, Land of the Free?

The thirteenth amendment, officially abolished slavery, ending years of heartless abuse, indignity, and utter tragedy. December 6th 1865, Americans determined that "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude....Shall exist with in The United States." This long over due day in history, did not quell discrimination, hatred, or bigotry, but it did however, conclude that no American will ever own another.... Or did it?

I contend, that the liberal democrats, are a collection of the largest and most powerful slave owners in history. Over the years, the liberals have enslaved minorities and the poor, with an especially tight grip on the African American community. By infiltrating academia with poisonous propaganda, the malcontent mind begins shortly after birth. (As the progressive liberal will seek to indoctrinate our children earlier and earlier, first it was pre-school)

All The President's Men

In recent months I have done my fair share of "voicing my opinion" about the Barack Obama Presidency; with good reason. I feel adequately justified in believing that he is the most radically left leaning, thus detrimental, President ever to hold office, in The United States. With that said, Barack Obama isn't the end all be all in defining the decline of the American civilization.

Forcing Israel's Hand

When I learned that we were extending Miranda Rights to enemy combatants, a right specifically afforded to citizens of the United States by the framers of our Constitution, I conceded, the idea of this republic surviving(in tact) for 3.5 more years, was a fantasy. I will be writing about the demise of America(as we knew it) in an upcoming article titled, Amerika. Now, however, is it only me or does it seem President Obama is on course to irreversibly change the dynamic of our relationship with Israel? For the worse.

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Mr. Obama's forgotten speech

Days ago, on foreign soil, our President Barack Obama, tried hard to convince the worlds Muslim population, that America has now seen the error of its ways, and he, the global messiah, could feel their pain. Leaving out the numerous nefarious activities recently achieved in the name of Allah, Obama concentrated on the more positive Muslim accomplishments. As if he were placating a grade schooler, " Oh, look at all the wonderful things you've done throughout your life, I understand you, your just misunderstood by my ignorant people. I am so vastly different than my predecessors, as you can see by my appearance (non blanco). My middle name is Hussein."

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